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Tenant Falls Hike ~ Apr 30, 2015

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

From many varied and lengthy routes, twenty of us met at the small parking lot several miles up Hope Valley, along East Stony Creek. We walked along gurgling Tenant Creek and soon also heard the roar of the first and largest waterfall. This was the first time many of the hikers had visited this remarkable slide and waterfall plunging into a large circular pool, so we paused for photos, snacks and relishing the beauty. We were soon joined by our twenty-first, somewhat errant hiker. The trail then led us further up the creek, often veering up slope and then back to creekside like an undulating three mile inchworm. We enjoyed lunch at the second waterfall, which wasn't as tall but had a lovely to tiered slide forging through a gap in a rock facade into wide and shallow pool. After lunch, hikers were given the choice of relaxing or taking a ten minute hike up to the third falls. All continued on and agreed the the third falls had its own special beauty, the stream gushing through a break in a horseshoe shaped rock wall into a deep and shaded pool. It was indeed difficult to tear ourselves away from this beautiful and peaceful place, so we stopped for a final appreciation at the first waterfall before heading to the cars. The sun shone, the creek babbled and the hikers chatted, making this four and a half mile, 560 feet elevation gain hike a delight for all.

4/30/15 - Lenore Reber added 6 photos.

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27 photos

Peter on ice. - added by Lenore

Are we there yet? Almost. - added by Lenore

Beautiful place - added by Lenore

Lunch time - added by Lenore

Another lunch view - added by Lenore

Third falls. Worth the effort. - added by Lenore

Yes...SNOW lingers on this last gorgeous April day! - added by Joanne

And yes...boys will be boys. Mike lands a snowball squarely on Peter's back. - added by Joanne

A big thank you to the owners of the property who allow us through access to the lovely waterfalls beyond. - added by Joanne

Talk about bumps on a log! - added by Diane

Lenore reacts to news that it is 28 seconds PAST LUNCH TIME! - added by Diane

What a difference one more day will make! - added by Diane

Gail and Jim enjoying the view and rushing waters of the First Falls. - added by Margie

The Abominable Snow Monster maybe!!? No, just furry little fern fronds emerging at creekside. - added by Margie

At the trailhead - added by Wanderer

Tenant Creek - added by Wanderer

Apparently soil is optional; "Persistence and determination foster adaptation" Ed Valla - added by Wanderer

Lower Falls - added by Wanderer

Above the Lower Falls - added by Wanderer

Who are those people? - added by Wanderer

Along the ridge - Margie, Liz, Donna & Barbara - added by Wanderer

Middle Falls - added by Wanderer

Gail, Margie & Joanne with Jan & Jim in the background - added by Wanderer

Mike above the Upper Falls - added by Wanderer

On the trail - added by Wanderer

Lunch! - added by Wanderer

Linda P above the Middle Falls - added by Wanderer

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