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Shippee's Ledge and More ~ Mar 15, 2012

Journal entry by Peter for Tom

Hello everyone,

What a busy day this turned out to be! Not only did we have a super turn out for the Shippee’s Ledge hike but managed to have two other outings afterwards. It was little after 10 when the first group arrived at the trailhead from Corinth and not too much later the second group arrived from Greenfield bringing the total to 20 hikers! At first it didn’t look as if Microspikes were going to be required but it was only a few minutes into the hike when it was decided that they were the safer way to go. Unfortunately, Marianne and Margaret didn’t bring theirs and decided to go back. Although they may have been able to continue there was enough ice and crusted snow on the logging road that it was the best decision. It is always nice to take a long break 5 minutes into a hike to start visiting but the old logging road was wide enough that visiting was not a problem.

I wasn’t watching the time but it didn’t seem long before we had reached the overlook and broke for lunch – an early one for sure. The weather was cloudy and the few raindrops on the way in were soon forgotten. Views of Hadley Mountain and the eastern portion of the Great Sacandaga (still frozen in many places) dominated. There was no rush to go but as always, it was time to return. More visiting and laughter on the trail made the time go by fast and with what seemed like a blink of the eye we were back at the cars.

There seemed to be more milling about than usual, possible because of the short hike, and Tom soon got the attention of the group to announce that Anita was willing to lead a hike to Antone Mountain (a.k.a. Mount Anthony) if anyone was interested. Antone Mt. (1500’), is located southwest of Lake Luzerne but still in Saratoga County. Please see the Antone Mountain journal entry for a trip report and picture.

And Now – For the Rest of the Story

I had already made plans to hike Hadley Mountain alone after Shippee’s Ledge but to my pleasant surprise Kurt Wisell decided to join me. Since there were no other takers the two of us were soon on our way. We decided to drive a leisurely route along South Shore road, over the Conklingville Dam and then along North Shore road to Hadley. We were amazed at how low the water level was in the Sacandaga and both doubted that there would be enough snowmelt to fill it this spring. The views of the river below Stewart’s Bridge were also shocking – with what appeared to be an easy walk across the river. I realize that there is a controlled release form both the Sacandaga and Stewart’s Bridge but I have never seen it this low, this time of year.

It wasn’t too long before we arrived at the Hadley Mt parking lot and were on our way and yes – it started to drizzle! First carrying our Microspikes and then reaching ice and crusted snow we decided to put them on. While there wasn’t much snow left in the woods the trail was still covered in snow and ice for about 1/3 the distance. Kurt started to poke fun at me and my umbrella – saying that he didn’t realize he was going to be hiking with Mary Poppins. Hey – it works! We met a few hikers returning from the top – all wishing they had Microspikes (and an umbrella I bet) but also noting that the rain was slowing and we might have good views. Reaching the summit under cloudy but dry skies we were glad that we had not turned back at the first sign of rain and we even had the sun come out for a short period and some blue skies as well.

With the high temperatures predicted for the upcoming week the remaining snow and ice will be short-lived, making room for spring wildflowers and the sound of birds, returning from their winter travels.

Thanks to Don, Liz, Anita, Tom, Diane & Kurt, Jack & Lenore, Jim, Lynn, Linda, Dennis, Karen, Nancy Kimball, Dave, Ken, and Katie

Peter for Tom

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On the Trail

Lunch L to R: Lynn, Diane, Kurt, Don

Lunch L to R: Lenore, Jack, Karen, Ken

Happy Hikers L to R: Tom, Jim, Anita

Hadley Mt. from Overlook

Sacandaga View from Overlook

Group Picture at Overlook

Shippee's Ledge Triad (L to R: Don, Irv, Tom) - sure glad they are on our side! (from file)

Kurt on the Hadley Mt Trail

View from Hadley Summit

Dave showing off his new 'Subaru' Outback! - by Ken

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