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Moreau State Park Snowshoe ~ Jan 10, 2013

Journal entry by Karen & Leon Barnish

A hearty group met for a snowshoe hike through Moreau State Park on an absolutely blue sky day, with temps in the 30ís. We embarked on a trek up Red Oak Ridge and Turkey Path for a steady climb with jackets and layers being shed along the way. From Red Oak you could see clear across Moreau Lake and we absorbed a beautiful vista with the sun dancing on the ice. Rather than pursuing the climb we circled down toward Mud Pond where we found a sunny spot for lunch. There were several Pileated Woodpeckers flying overhead and we were also treated to the sighting of a Bald Eagle in flight over the pond spying very large deer carcass that had been set out on the ice by the Park Rangers. The Eagle patiently waited in the trees while we lunched. Following the trail around Mud Pond we also got up front and close to a Beaver Lodge along the shoreline. The trail was hard packed and hikers took off their snowshoes along the way opting for boots and micro spikes. Heading toward the Lake we circled the southern end of the Pond and enjoyed our final mile along the Lake to the cars. Thank you to our hearty group: Joanne, Dennis, Mary Ellen, Lenore, Peter, Linda, and Jim. A special thank you is extended to Peter for keeping us on track with helpful trail guidance so we could make this a successful trip.

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Leon and Karen - by Jim

Lunch - by jim

Lunch on the Shore of Mud Pond - by Wanderer

Dueling Beaver Lodges on Mud Pond - by Wanderer

NE Corner of the Palmerton Mountain Range - by Wanderer

Shoreline of the Lower Part of Mud Pond - by Wanderer

Just a Pic of Some Happy Hikers - L to R: Jim I, Joanne, Denis, Linda, Karen, Leon, Lenore, Mary Ellen - by Wanderer

Guess Who? - by Wanderer

Yep - Playful Jim! (he has signed up for remedial reading classes) - by Wanderer

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