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Shelving Rock Falls and Mountain Hike ~ Apr 28, 2015

Journal entry by Wanderer

Despite nearly perfect spring weather only five people showed up for what turned out to be an absolutely wonderful hike. Everyone has so many choices of how to spend their leisure time and you can't do everything that is offered - we certainly missed you. This was a modified hike from the one that has been done in the past, turning it into a thru hike for the first part instead of an out and back one. The road had recently opened and we were lucky enough to have the town's grader in front of us for much of the last couple of miles, grooming the surface for us. After driving what seemed to be forever on the Shelving Rock Road we spotted a car just before the gate to the Knapp Estate and returned to the trailhead that leads to the top of the falls. Even in dry weather the falls seem to maintain their cascades but adding some spring run-off they were especially nice. After admiring the main falls we hiked along Shelving Rock Brook, taking in all the smaller cascades to the shore of Lake George and rejoined the trail. From here the trail follows the contour of the shore northerly for quite a distance but most of the time we walked in the woods to the edge of the water to take in the many different views of lake, the nearby islands and the western shore, with glimpses of The Sagamore Resort, and Pinnacle and Cat mountains behind it. At one point, when rounding a bend along Shelving Rock Bay, an eagle was spotted close-by headed south along the shore - but despite having four or more cameras among us none of us were quick enough to capture a picture. We stopped for a long time to have a bite to eat on one of the rock outcroppings at the bay where Hen and Chicken Islands are located before returning to our car and riding uphill to the Shelving Rock Mountain trailhead and the second half of our outing. We hadn't made the decision to add the mountain hike to our outing until the last minute but everyone was feeling pretty good and it was still early. The trail was in excellent condition and is wide enough to visit for nearly the total 1.7 miles to the top and we certainly took advantage of it. I think it was after about a mile when we met a couple coming in from the opposite direction. We introduced ourselves and soon found out that they were visiting the Lake George area from northern New Jersey and decided to do some hiking. Unfortunately, they decided to turn back before reaching the top - so being the welcoming people that we are, invited them to join us to the summit. Their names were Norman and Linda Chu, originally from Hong Kong. Norman loves to hike and explore and Linda seems to follow him without question (sounds familiar). Norman also likes to talk, giving me a run for my money, so we all took turns visiting with him and Linda. Everyone had different questions for them but it was the love of the outdoors that dominated the conversation and they were grateful that they met us and were invited to the top. The summit was bathed in sunlight and the views were expansive, with white puffy clouds accenting the blue sky. Like all outings, this one had to end so we headed back with LOTS more visiting, especially by Ambassador Kurt who informed us that we are all invited to join Norman on some hikes the next time he revisits his family in Hong Kong - so get your passports in order! Norman was not finished yet - he accepted our offer to drop them off at the trailhead to the falls for more exploring. We, on the other hand, were ready to call it a day! Super day attended by - Bonnie, Tom, Don, Kurt, Peter and our new friends Norman and Linda Chu. Peter for Tom 5/5/15 - Kurt Wisell added 3 photos.

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Shelving Rock Falls

Shelving Rock Brook 1

Shelving Rock Brook 2

Shelving Rock Brook 3

Along Shelving Rock Brook - winter in retreat

Private thoughts

Pretty bay with Cat Mt in distance

The Sagamore & Pinnacle and Cat Mts.

Sir Thomas with the Knapp Estate in the background

Lake George from Shelving Rock Mt

Just chillin - Don, Bonnie and Tom

Another view of the falls. - added by Kurt

Here's where we saw the eagle - twice! It just took a while to get a camera out and shoot the scene, so don't look too closely for the eagle. - added by Kurt

By the apparent degree of attention displayed here, one would think the eagle came back. But NO, that's not it! Remember, we're just not that fast with our cameras, so slower things really get our attention now ..... like Cat Mountain and Pole Hill. - added by Kurt

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