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Mount Jo Stroll ~ May 6, 2016

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Grim, week-long, stinky! weather forecasts for an outing that begged clear sky kept us guessing as to when or if our outing to Mount Jo might be worth doing. The reality of a suspect glimmer of hope for Friday was an absolutely perfect day with just-right temperature, a few clouds in a bright blue sky, light breeze and very low humidity. Trails were pleasantly dry, numerous wild flowers were emerging, the black flies' clocks were yet to rouse them and occasional tents had popped up on campsites around a delightfully uncrowded Adirondack Loj. Stepping out of cars at the parking lot, the air was rife with anticipation for eight Crooked Canes, most of whom had not before been to the Loj, Heart Lake or Mount Jo.

Banter, tracks and Canes soon populated a very nice trail decorated in superlative Adirondack wilderness forest style. Either trail from the Adirondack Loj to the summit of Mount Jo is not very long and it was the shorter, steeper option we chose for our ascent. Scenic it was, short and not all that steep for the most part. Soon we were enjoying an unobstructed view of the High Peaks, Heart Lake and environs from a large flat granite summit. A perfect spot for very leisurely midday dining and for CC veterans to feed on two relatively new Crooked Canes like black flies on naked hikers, executing an admirably poor job of scaring them off! It was our pleasure to welcome Mike and Scott on another outing and to get better acquainted with them! Five other folks we met at the summit were all fun and one young man was well convinced by the time we left that he should pursue a career with a decent salary, lots of vacation time and health care benefits requiring him to review every inch of the Adirondack Park several times before settling into a comfortable retirement. Leaving the summit, we chose to descend on the longer trail back to the shore of Heart Lake. That trail, just as the trail we ascended, was terrific though one of our group contemplated abandoning us, and probably still is, for the technically challenging Mount Em.

At Heart Lake (the name's relevance is shown in a photo below) we turned to complete the lake circumnavigation and pay the Loj a visit for everyone to relax long enough to imagine not leaving and make their lodging and meal reservations for the rest of the summer. On a day as good as this one the nearly two hour ride home was a welcome opportunity to reflect, plan more adventure and  e-v-e-r   s-o-o-o   s-l-o-w-l-y  transition back into reality.

Thank You Peter, Mike, Scott, Jo Ellen, Dennis and Ed for making my and Kurt's day so darn much fun!

5/11/16 - Wanderer . added 10 photos.

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Tommy Smothers: "Pumas in the cravises!"

Big smiles in the first half mile.

A smidgen of winter lurks under a rock.

A peek at what's to come.

Jo Ellen enjoys the summit view.

One always remembers where the idea for a first job originated. Or if forgotten, there's a Tweet to remind you.

Our gang, the High Peaks in the background

Other than Dennis stomping puddles, this was a great place for lunch!

"Saint Pete 'e A'int" atop a stairway to Heaven.

Yellow violets, one of several wild flowers in bloom.

A plaque near the Loj honoring Henry Van Hoevenberg

From the Van Hoevenberg plaque, a more readable picture of the text.

Getting ready at the ADK hiker's parking lot - added by Wanderer

Kurt and Mike - added by Wanderer

Diane - added by Wanderer

Ed and Scott - added by Wanderer

Mountain view (from L) - Mt Marcy, Mt. Colden, Wright Peak, Algonquin, Boundary, Iroquois, Wallface with Heart Lake center - added by Wanderer

Cascade (L) and Porter Mts. - added by Wanderer

Headed down - added by Wanderer

Emily and Peter - "To Tell the Truth" - will the real Wanderer please step forward! - added by Wanderer

Trout Lily - added by Wanderer

Mt Jo from Heart Lake - added by Wanderer

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