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Berry Pond hike ~ Apr 23, 2015

Journal entry by Fran Herve

Spring has finally arrived! The sun is shining brighter, the days are getting longer and finally the snow is disappearing in the lower Adirondacks. I was a little concerned about the forecast for this day but the morning started well with partial clouds and Peter assured me that he had done his sun dance and I should trust him.
Twenty one Caners met at the Lake George recreation center. Peter made an announcement to inform us that precisely on this day Chuck and Edythe Bennett , who contributed so much to our hiking group, were flying to Carolina to their new retirement home. Those of us who had known them and hiked and kayaked with them were saddened by the news and we thought of them many times during the day.
We started our walk through the maze of trails off Lake George recreation center and followed West Brook and its rushing waters for a while. Some of us wondered when the trail became so steep! It was not so bad last spring ... or maybe we had gained a few pounds during the long cold winter?
As we started getting closer to the pond we followed one of the logging roads and encountered deep mud and on the trail around the pond the last of the snow and ice.
We had visited Berry Pond many times before and had enjoyed seeing the herons shortly after their spring return so we looked eagerly for their nests but only two decrepit nests remained. A pair of ducks was startled by our chattering and flew away quickly. There was no sign of herons and we were a little disappointed but we could tell that the beavers had definitely made the pond their home. There were many beaver huts to be seen and a large part of the area had lost their trees to these busy critters. Some of us benefited from the loss of the trees: Lenore and Jack found several perfect sticks that would become curtain roads in their new camp and Kurt chose some nice clean branches for the fish mobile that he has been working on.
There was plenty of time to catch up with friends that we had not seen in a long time. We were glad to have Bonnie back after her shoulder injury, Ken was done ice-skating and won't be seen again once he gets his bike out on the road, others were back from Florida.
Thank you Tom, Don, Peter F. , Kurt, Ray, Margie, Jack and Lenore, Pat and Mike, Jan and Jim, Karen and Leon, Sam, Gail, Bonnie, Ken , Ed and Linda P. for joining me and especially Kurt and Don for helping me find the way! It was another wonderful day in the woods with friends!

4/24/15 - Kurt Wisell added 2 photos.

4/25/15 - Margie Litwin added 4 photos.

5/3/15 - Wanderer . added 6 photos.

15 photos

Sir Thomas fords West Brook. - added by Kurt

Sharp eyed Ed noticed what looked as though somebody had spilled their gun powder in the trickle of water coming down the trail. - added by Kurt

Someone's powderhorn must be empty by now! This "powder" on the water continued for several hundred feet up the trail. What could this really be? - added by Kurt

The unidentified "powder" turned out to be springtails, millions of them. Commonly seen on snow and known as snow fleas, they move by snapping their tails, thus causing them to hop. According to an article in Wikipedia the tail snap occurs in about 10 milliseconds. - added by Kurt

Back at the parking lot we were greeted by new buds! At last! - added by Kurt

We hiked with the sight and sound of this beautiful cascade of Mill Brook. - added by Margie

Patches of ice persist by the now vacant heron rookery. - added by Margie

The day's late season squall decorated this hemlock with snow pellets. - added by Margie

The industrious beavers evidently decided to re-route the orange trail toward their home. - added by Margie

"The Gathering" - added by Wanderer

First rest stop - added by Wanderer

Lake George from overlook - added by Wanderer

Linda P and Bonnie - added by Wanderer

Hi Edythe and Chuck, Best wishes from the Canes’ on your newest adventure! We are sure that you will make the best of it and enjoy being close to your family in South Carolina – we will all miss you – please stay in contact. We also want to thank you so much for allowing us to select some of the guide books, maps and other publications from your collection – we will put them to good use. - added by Wanderer

Beaver lodge on Berry Pond - added by Wanderer

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