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Moreau Park hike to outlook ~ Mar 8, 2012

Journal entry by Don McMahon

About 20 years ago soon after I moved to the area, I often walked from my house to and through Moreau Park to climb the hill to the “outlook”. In the beginning there was no trail so naturally I created a trail from the north end of the Lake up to the outlook (my most direct route). That trail has since become an official park trail. Presently the lower part is the north end of the Red Oak trail and the upper part is upper part of the blue trail. For the first 10 years or so I would meet a person every few years who would get to the outlook via the ATV trail from the height of land on Spier Falls Road. However since the Park established the trail system the same route is also often used repeatedly by many others as well.

We started the day with sunny skies and unusualy pleasant warmth for early March. A total of 20 individuals, most of whom had never been on these trails, shared my ritual walk. However we attacked the hill at a much more leasurely pace due partly to the icy spots and the steepness, reaching the outlook after an hour and a half. We then had an early lunch and while visiting the skies turned ominously gray off to the west and north. So the decision was made to shorten the walk returning more directly to the park parking lot via another steeply downhill, non-official trail, that was mostly ice free due to it's southern exposure. And it did start raining, not very hard to be sure, but indicating perhaps worse weather to come. And by mid afternoon it was indeed raining hard so the decision to cut the hike short was the right thing to do. Aside from the late “dampness”, what a pleasant day to be out enjoying nature!

Don McM

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