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A Very OK Day At OK Slip Falls ~ Mar 30, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Sometimes excessive worry seems to pay off big time or at least lead one to imagine it is effective. Every day for a week in advance of our anticipated trek to OK Slip Falls the forecasters predicted weather that very likely would result in trail conditions officially rated by the Crooked Canes Bureau of Standards as "stink-stank-stunk." The thought of cancellation loomed large. However, the reality of concern that we could be slogging through more than a foot of semi-liquid glop was that spikes worked just fine all day.

The trip in to the falls through primarily open hardwoods was lovely on this warm, windless crystal clear day. There was much to see in the way of birds and bird activity. Two special birds pictured below were seen near a spot where we have seen them before, having completed their migration just in time to be snowed on the following day. Arriving at our destination, we found OK Slip Falls in a spectacular mood with plenty of flowing water and plenty of ice at its feet. Without wind, the sound of the falls was sweet and soothing, contributing to everyone's already sunny spirits during lunch.

Rick, our first-time Crooked Cane, a quick and clever lad, when advised that newbies ALWAYS carry everyones extra gear on the way out, in this case just ten pairs of snowshoes, responded "Sure, if get keep them!" Everyone decided to carry their own un-needed snowshoes on the nearly 3.5 mile walk out and received a bonus for their effort: burning more calories than if we had not brought the snowshoes "just-in-case."

Our walk out was made more tiring than our morning walk in by softening snow and fast moving plate tectonics resulting in the trail being a steep uphill climb all the way. But make it out we did and on the same day but under a sky that threatened to prove the forecast for snow the following day to at least be in the ball park.

Great outing with ten great people, namely Gail, Lori, Margie, Katie, Cathy, Linda, Ray, Rick and Kurt and yours truly.

Click HERE for some photos at the bottom of the falls and a side-by-side summer / March 30, 2017 views.

4/1/17 - RayB Bouchard added 3 photos.

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A perfect day for a walk in the woods.

The Scarlet Tanager

The Blue Bird

Most of our group, less Katie and Kurt. Our newest Cane, Rick, front and center between Linda and Gail

Perseverence! Kurt's held that tree up for almost 5 seconds!

"Surprise Surprise, Surprise" says Gomer, oops! I mean Ray upon opening his lunch to find a bite out of his sandwich and the jelly all licked off. That after bragging about his making a 2 pound loaf in a 1 pound bread machine. Poor guy!

Cathy and Diane admire the birdie work on this tree.

Cathy identified these strange elevated discs in the snow as "snow bagels."

I'm glad I had 100 SPF, UVA/UVB on my face to protect me from the sunlight reflecting off Kurt's dome. - added by RayB

Those rays from his bald pate were soo o o fierce, that once when he bent over to look at something on the ground, he melted a 12" deep hole in the snow. The melt water became a rivulet that is still flowing towards the mighty Hudson as I type this. True story! - added by RayB

My Oh My, just look at those chompers. - added by RayB

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