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Buck Mtn. Waterfalls - Sort Of..... ~ Apr 14, 2015

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell For Tom Gibbs

Our plan to see Shelving Rock Falls was thwarted by Shelving Rock Road being closed for mud season, so viewing falls and cascades along one of the streams along the trail to Buck Mountain from the Pilot Knob trail head seemed like a good option as the road was not likely to close and the idea all along was to see waterfalls on a sunny dry day somewhere within a relatively short driving distance of WCMC. 15 Crooked Canes turned out on a beautiful warm sunny morning for a relaxing 3.5 mile stroll where finally no winter gear whatsoever was needed and which promised frequent waterfalls and cascades glimmering in the sun.

Our group leader, Sir Thomas, delighted by the turnout and windless, snowless, iceless, sunny, warm perfect spring day was thrilled as he signed us in at the kiosk and we readied ourselves for the adventure to come.

The trail from the kiosk to the Buck/Inman Pond junction was a delight as folks got caught up on everyone's recent adventures, news and activities. It was at this point that Tom suggested that since the day was just so beautiful and there was no ice or snow in sight, we really ought to change our plan just a wee little bit and go up Pilot Knob. Afterall, we could see the waterfalls later, when we got back down if we felt like it. Convinced, primarily by Tom's sparkling blue eyes and ear to ear grin, that this freshly hatched idea had irrefutable merit, everyone cheered and off we went on a 6 mile adventure comprised of 50% bushwhack, 50% nearly indiscernable trail and 90% of it steep, generously endowed with rocks, roots and slippery oak leaves and significant vertical rise.

It was indeed a grand tour, the word grand having slightly different meaning from one person to another, but all in agreement that the adventure was "grand" in one way or another. Arriving just below the coll on our usual route up the north side, we were greeted by a view of lots of snow on the final steep ascent to the top of the ridge. Hmmm.......PLOT SHIFT!

Having recently heard the noon whistle from the Pilot Knob firehouse it was easy to justify having a rest and lunch before proceeding. After an unhurried dining experience and now 100% refreshed after our morning climb with steep snow staring at us from above we opted to take a route more or less following terrain in a westerly direction without much elevation change, to intercept the trail down the ridge.

Once on the ridge our efforts were rewarded by expansive views under brilliant blue sky accented by a few clouds and variegated patterns in the melting, shifting ice on Lake George so very close to being gone for the season. A final mile of slow going down winding, bony, steep, ofthen slippery trail ended with our arrival and welcome relief on fairly level, fairly smooth forest road for the final mile or so to the trailhead.

In a final plot shift for the day, the morning's enthusiasm to ascend about 500 feet on a 3 mile stroll to see waterfalls inexplicably became enticement for returning on another day.

Special thanks from Tom to all who came along to make the day enjoyable (now known as "The Gullible Fourteen"): Sam, Ed, Katie & Ray, Lynn, Margie, Lenore & Jack, Kurt, Donna & Pete, Karen & Leon and Liz.

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Finally! The promised rewards!

The view looking south over Long Island and Assembly Point and into the South Basin.

On the ridge, headed down!

Another great vista before leaving the ridge.

Breakup of ice on Lake George. - added by RayH

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