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Indian Kill Hike ~ Apr 21, 2016

Journal entry by Jan and Jim Bornheim

Indian Kill Hike: It was a beautiful day in the 70’s with bright sunshine.  Off to a good start with Munchkins at the parking lot.  Twenty-three of us hiked the boundaries of the Indian Kill, enjoying three waterfalls, flowers and old trees (except the one’s we had to climb over).  Lunch was at a peaceful waterfall overlook.

Following the hike, we went to the Rookery.  The highlight was the two horned-owl owlettes (fuzzballs) in a nest.  Also saw several blue heron, an osprey, a large beaver lodge and a Canada goose nesting in the side of the beaver lodge (blending into the background to be almost invisible).

Thanks to Peter, Karen, Don, Joy, Jan, Diane, Leon, Karen, Ed, Linda, JoEllen, Linda, Nancy, Barbara, Gail, Jim, Margie, Tom, Bob, Kurt, Laurie, Denis, and Jim for participating .

4/24/16 - Diane Wisell added 3 photos. 4/26/16 - Wanderer . added 20 photos.

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Photo by Jan

Photo by Jan

Joy on natural bridge

Photo by Jan

The Admissions Review Committee - added by Diane

Hi Doc! Funny I should run into you here. (I'm in trouble now!) - added by Diane

Two little owls in a borrowed heron nest. - added by Diane

Group crossing the Indian Kill above the dam - added by Wanderer

Joy posing for the group with Ed clapping to express his approval - added by Wanderer

Negotiating a steep section - added by Wanderer

One of several falls along our route - added by Wanderer

The Indian Kill - added by Wanderer

Along the banks of the Indian Kill - added by Wanderer

"End of the trail" - added by Wanderer

Cascade at our lunch spot - added by Wanderer

Joy, Jan, Bob, Tom - added by Wanderer

A mallard joining us for lunch - added by Wanderer

Don, Linda, Karen - added by Wanderer

Happy Birthday Don! - added by Wanderer

Downstream from our lunch spot - added by Wanderer

Just another view - added by Wanderer

Such a gracious leader - Jim lending a hand - added by Wanderer

Changing of the guard at the Ballston Creek Preserve - added by Wanderer

The Sentinel - added by Wanderer

Osprey having a bite to eat - look close to see the large fish in his claws - (may have to enlarge the photo) - added by Wanderer

Canada goose on a nest on an active beaver lodge at the Ballston Creek Preserve. If you look close you can see the nest is lined with tiny feathers/down. - added by Wanderer

Same Canada goose with its mate not far away - to the left - near the edge of the photo - added by Wanderer

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