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Tongue Mountain through hike, Deer Leap-Clay Meadow ~ Apr 14, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

After wondering what the best replacement hike would be for Gooley Club, we and fifteen other Canes are happy we chose Tongue Mountain. The steady ascent and sunlight streaming through deciduous forest quickly warmed us. We were rewarded with occasional views of Lake George and Black Mountain along the high points and enjoyed the coolness of ice patches and patches of mosscovered rocks in the valleys. We enjoyed two excuses to eat, first a snack at the lean-to overlook and then lunch at another great viewpoint. Many waterfalls enticed us while we descended to the waiting cars. But before leaving, we crossed 9N and viewed the roaring waterfall which pounds around a curve before flowing another half mile into Northwest Bay. Thanks to Shelly, Ed, Carolyn, Ray, Jim, Joanne, Katie, Bob, Margie, Linda, Joy, Diane and Kurt, Jim and Jan. 

4/18/16 - Lenore and Jack Reber added 13 photos. 4/18/16 - Lenore and Jack Reber added 13 photos. 4/18/16 - Margie Litwin added 4 photos. 4/29/16 - Diane Wisell added 1 photo.

18 photos

16 tongues ready to hike and wag - added by Lenore

Sunny overlook to Black Mountain - added by Lenore

Snack at the leanto overlook - added by Lenore

Looking for the bear that went over the mountain - added by Lenore

Zen Kurt on ice - added by Lenore

Lean to break - added by Lenore

Following the leader and he didn't get us lost! - added by Lenore

Ray and Kurt cickles - added by Lenore

Sunny lunch - added by Lenore

Looking at Black Mountain - added by Lenore

Remains of winter - added by Lenore

Cascade to Clay Meadow - added by Lenore

Northwest Bay Brook falls - added by Lenore

A reminder from a cold night before the hike. - added by Margie

Leaders Jack and Lenore looking out over their flock of Canes. - added by Margie

Ed supplied us with most delectable treats!! - added by Margie

Jack fortifies himself for the rest of the hike. - added by Margie

A dryad peers at a roving band of Crooked Canes from behind an icy curtain. - added by Diane

Viewing 20 of 79 - 2016


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