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Hennig Preserve/County Forest Hike ~ Nov 27, 2012

Journal entry by Wanderer

Hello again Caners,

Two outings to the Hennig Preserve in less than two weeks – having fun is becoming addictive. The twelve hikers didn’t seem to mind much – they were going to become the first group to hike the yet to be opened county forest trail and for me the first time I wasn’t carrying a pick-axe to remove roots or blowdowns. In a unique partnership between Saratoga County and Saratoga PLAN the trail crew for the Hennig Preserve has been busy constructing nearly three miles of trail on the county forest land that connects to the Hennig Preserve trail system. The trail itself is complete but only marked in one direction so a certain degree of caution is needed to avoid getting temporarily disoriented.

After a move to the county forest trailhead for the thru hike we were on our way without delay. Passing through a pine tree plantation Lenore was quick to notice some trees that appeared dead – their brown needles littering the ground with some remaining on the highest branches. They weren’t dead but a small grove of tamarack trees – deciduous coniferous trees that look like evergreens during the rest of the year but are not evergreens – they are also known as Larch – OK, enough of the tree stuff (that was my limit anyway). We continued hiking on the soft blanket of needles before descending into a tiny valley and crossing a small stream (outlet of Round Pond) where the trees also changed to mixed hardwoods. The newly constructed trail still had evidence of recent chainsaw work with wood chips on top of the snow - an effort to widen the trail slightly to accommodate future equine hikers. The group continued on the snake-like trail towards Cadman Creek where we would follow it along its bank for quite a while before coming to one of the stone structures where once stood one of several sawmills built along the creek back in the 1800’s (this one was known as the Bronson’s sawmill). We stopped briefly to contemplate how it may have looked back then before continuing on towards our lunch spot at an overlook of a large beaver impoundment. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect – noon and the sun appeared from behind the clouds. Of course this was an opportunity for me to take some credit for arranging this event but everyone knew better.

At just about the time we were ready to go the sun started to go behind the clouds as if to remind us that we were intruders and that the beavers wanted to come out and gather more branches for the long winter ahead. We followed the high ridge above Cadman for a short while with pretty views of the wetland before heading away from the creek and back into the woods. A brief return to the creek to check out another sawmill site before heading to the Hennig preserve and back to the cars for an early day – or so everyone thought. Not to have everyone feel shortchanged I offered a special treat – a hike to Round Pond via another not yet open trail. This section of trail is the last link in what eventually will be a single trail, completing a circuit of the county forest and Hennig Preserve in a 6 mile loop. I promised that we would be back in about an hour and we were. It was a most enjoyable hike to the pond and for most, the first time they had seen it. The shoreline had been cleared of brush which allowed everyone to see the marsh and the open water in the distance – certainly well worth the additional effort.

Thanks to Tom, Linda, Lenore & Jack, Claire, Karen & Leon, Fran, Diane & Kurt and Ken for joining me on this outing and for all your compliments on the work done by the trail crew – I will certainly let them know.


11/28/12 - Ken Gericke added 13 photos.

21 photos

Blocking Traffic on Centerline Road

First Snow

Cadman Creek

Future Bridge?

Time for Lunch and a Nap

New Pond on Cadman

Just A Pretty View

Round Pond Overlook

Careful Tom! - by Ken

Another view of lovely Cadman Creek - by Ken

Cascade on the creek. - by Ken

Stonework at Bronsons Sawmill...we surmised this might be a header just above the sluiceway/race. - by Ken

Brief respite above Bronsons Mill...l to r...Peter, Fran, Claire, Diane, Linda, Karen, Leon, Jack, Lenore, Kurt , and Tom - by Ken

Icicles on the creek - by Ken

Old stone foundation...Ken!....Go stand in the corner! - by Ken

Squirrel highway crossing the creek. - by Ken

Looks like the beavers gave up on this one a long time ago, but the tree didn't give in and continued to grow around the scars. - by Ken

Beaver dam and new pond along Cadman Creek - by Ken

Many stone walls throughout the Hennig Preserve. - by Ken

Kurt found an old dump site with many bottles and old Mason Jars. - by Ken

Oh No! Kurt, there can't be any white lightning left in there! - by Ken

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