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Shelburne Farms Tour ~ Nov 11, 2014

Journal entry by Diane and Kurt

The phrase "getting there is half the fun" certainly applied to our trip both to and from Shelburne Farms, the two hour drive punctuated by scenery, new things to see and places to go for some and a VERY unusual critter sighting. Upon our departure from WCMC with no reason not to anticipate a perfect day with temperatures in the mid to upper fifties as forecast, the thermometer dropped to 31 in the Eagle Lake area causing everyone to think about being ill prepared. But within the space of a couple of miles there were smiles as normalcy returned in the form of fifty one degrees. Some of our group had not seen the new and very scenic Crown Point bridge. Shortly after crossing into Vermont, we came to Dead Creek where there is a very nice put in and which flows into the Otter Creek and then into Lake Champlain near Vergennes. Good paddling and one of the country's premier birding areas. Within a half mile of Dead Creek is the Dead Creek WMA where we saw, albeit distantly, two HUGE flocks of snow geese. Generally by this time of year, the geese have already passed through so this was a welcome and unexpected treat. On to Addison with Route 22's magnificent views of the Adirondacks to the west and Greens to the east, through Vergennes and Ferrisburg where, to everyone's amazement and bewilderment, we were (questionably)certain that what we saw beside the road was a Bactrian. No one realized that upon thinking she saw her first Bactrian, Diane had driven into the ditch, but soon a team effort got her loose and we continued on to Shelburne Farms and enjoyed a 6.3 mile stroll through fields, forest and along the shore of Lake Champlain. After a prolonged cheese tasting stop at the Visitor Center, the farm's main barn came into view and the question "What popular PBS series comes to mind?" was answered by a chorus of "Downton Abbey!" It is that spectacular. And it has a bakery! Though the croissants looked so good Fran became homesick, our next stop to see Lady Gaga and other farm animals temporarily stopped us from thinking of baked goods. Along the lake, it was suggested that fossils might be found along the rocky shore. Sharp eyed Lynn almost immediately came up with a beauty, shown below. Continuing on we came to the Inn, with its formal gardens and view of the lake and Adirondacks where our minds turned to Lenore, the hour, and that we were past due for lunch. We have had hoped lunch would be scenic but made do with where we found ourselves. Making our way from the Inn back to the visitors center and parking lot via the bakery (again, of course!) we were treated to a few more excellent views before enjoying our ride back home - and stopping - this time in a controlled manner - to photograph what we were now certain, after the day's frequent discussions, we had seen along our way a few hours earlier in the day. Thanks to Lynn, Todd, Ellen, Jo Ellen and Fran for making the day for Diane and Kurt so much fun.

18 photos

Wind Whistles. Logs hollowed and sculpted to whistle when the wind is right.

One of the main barn's turrets with Mount Mansfield in the background

Ellen meets Lady Gaga, perched on a large pumpkin. Yes, that is the bird's real name!

Mom with two of her eleven kids. Or, more aptly described with respect to the genus, a sow with two of eleven shorts.

Contemplating an upcoming holiday.

Camel's Hump

Lone Tree Hill and a view of Lake Champlain and UVM's Three Brothers islands

Sharp Eyed Lynn's inland sea fossil.

NOT pistachio but Zebra Mussel shells.

View into the courtyard at the Carriage Barn.

Hungry herons joined us for lunch at the Inn.

Sometimes one has to make do with just any old lunch spot.

Todd, Ellen and Jo Ellen enjoy their Adirondack view during lunch.

A lunch guest eyeballing our fare.

A final lakeside view.

Even the cows were coiffed. Nice doos.

Ellen makes a new friend.

And here he is, the Ferrisburg Bactrian! Sure looks pleased at being the center of attention.

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