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Trot Off The Turkey At Berry Pond ~ Nov 27, 2015

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Our "Trot Off The Stuffing" hike at Berry Pond began noisily as folks emerged from their cars shouting "I REALLY need this!" After Lynn introduced her son Chris and Donna her grandson Aden, we were off into the woods, following Kurt's usual route along the stream past the lean-to, up to the lookout for laughs and lunch and then on to Berry Pond. With everyone dressed in seasonally appropriate layers, it was not long before we all were shedding layers like snakes on steroids. Bright sun and no wind on this warm, late November day and hiking in light clothing, while a bit odd for this time of the year, was a pleasure and without our thoughts focused on keeping warm, we joyfully talked up a storm.

We arrived at the lookout about 15 minutes ahead of when Lenore's voice would have been ringing in our heads that lunch hour was nigh, but stopped anyway as the Sirens of Snoozing beckoned us to take advantage of the opportunity to lounge in the sun on dry grass and rocks to partake, more sparingly than yesterday, of our Thanksgiving feasts. After a most casual and enjoyable dining experience, we moved on to see what might be going on at Berry Pond. Surprisingly, Berry was a berry busy place!

Our first whiff of big doin's at Berry came when we discovered new beaver activity in the pond to the right of the trail where last spring wood frogs serenaded us so nicely. The beavers had repaired the dam, spiffed their lodge and the water level had risen at least 6 inches. The surface of the pond appeared stagnant but on closer inspection revealed that what at first glance appeared still was the illusory presence of ice, thick enough to require a forceful poke to break through it but not thick enough to fish on quite yet. Moving on toward Berry pond, we found that the neighbors there had been equally busy preparing for winter. We passed many freshly felled trees, many more with nibbled bark and saw numerous trails from the water into the woods, a number

of them new and all heavily travelled. We found a number of the pitcher plants we found last spring and it was fun to show them to those in our group who had never seen them. Though the flowers were long gone, the flutes were pretty much as seen in warmer months.

Aden, curious to know more about everything he came upon, found more ice which we were all surprised to see was just about three quarters of an inch thick. From the pond back to the parking lot was an uneventful but lovely stroll back to the Lake George Rec Area trails where Lori told us that the "204 th" trail is a well signed, dry easy walk to the parking lot. One old dog learned a new trick as Lori's route is indeed a good way to go and we finished the day as nicely as it had begun.

Thanks for the great company today Margie, Nancy, Lynn & Chris, Linda, Barbara, Clair & Kirk, Lori, Cathy, Fran, Donna & Aden, Joy & Mark, Diane & Kurt!

11 photos

Here we all are, warmly dressed and ready to shed layers.

Lynn and son Chris - a third generation Crooked Cane!

Donna and Aden

A very comfortable and scenic lunch spot that was not easy to leave.

Berry Pond

A Pitcher plant nearly surrounded by ice.

At Donna's suggestion of ice cream at Stewart's, Aden is off like a flash!

Joy with proof of three quarter inch thick ice still hanging in there at nearly 60 degrees.

...197, 198, 199....C'mon Chris, you can lift that log 225 times!

One might be inclined to believe the notch on the right was taken out in one big chomp.

A beaver's sculpture of a monk. Or maybe he remembered Ray from out last trip.

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