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5 Mile Trail at Saratoga Spa Park ~ Dec 8, 2016

Journal entry by Don McMahon

A cloudy day with threatening snow but 19 souls showed up for the "5 mile trail hike" that tortuously seems to cover almost every square inch of the park The trail does not actually cross over itself but it could well have, except for the confusion of trail marker that would then occur. Along the trail were views of Geyser brook and the springs along it as well as little ups and downs winding through pretty woods. And the trail includes a lengthy stretch to the south of East-West Road that is not so heavily trafficked. However the lack of snow over most of the trail showed that it was well used and the CCers had to step aside a couple of times to let runners by. Not much snow, so microspikes were not needed and the weather cooperated - could have been a little better but we didn't know who to bribe!

12/9/16 - Joy Munro added 3 photos.

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9 photos

Tom, our leader, gaining a new appreciation of the phrase "herding cats".

Wetlands bird overlook -

Jim Israel sporting a new beard and looking very dapper.

The sulfur mounds actually are aliens in disguise out behind you !!!

19 Canes set out to hike 5 miles... - added by Denis

12 Canes finished. After lunch. We won't say what we had for lunch... - added by Denis

Tom opted out to play a little golf... - added by Denis

Perhaps it was aliens from outer space that decimated our group... - added by Denis

Viewing 73 of 79 - 2016


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