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Buck Mountain from Hogtown ~ Nov 9, 2017

Journal entry by Scott Anderson

Nineteen Canes set out on a sunny and very crisp early November morning to ascend Buck Mountain, by way of the Hogtown trailhead, and 2.5 miles to the summit.  The pace was leisurely, the conversation lively and the trail leafy and soft.  It was nice to have some sunshine in the forest to clear the frost and enliven the spirit.  After about a mile and a half of pleasant strolling, the trail started a gradual ascent with occasional flats to allow for a drink, the throwing off of excess clothing and more conversation.  The trail then steepened and ice made its first appearance.  Some additional care was needed, but we were fortunate in that the ice was sparse, scattered and presented no undue difficulty.  The last quarter mile or so to the summit entered a gully and a real “pitch” upwards, but again presented no difficulties, other than a lot of heavy breathing.  And then we were at the summit.

Once there, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch with everyone watching the “Lake George Show”, that being a view of the southern Tongue Range, and beyond, the High Peaks.  There was little wind and still some sun, though high clouds were starting to move in. We were “kings of the hill” as no one else was there…a rarity for Buck. 

After lunch, some of us hiked the short distance to view the open rock areas and southern views Buck has to offer.

Then it was back, making our way carefully down the steep pitch near the summit, then gradually onto the gentler rolling forest terrain.  Overall, it was a good day to get outdoors, have some exercise and enjoy a day of comradery. 

11/9/17 - Scott Anderson added 2 photos. 11/10/17 - Bonnie Whitman added 1 photo. 11/10/17 - Diane Wisell added 1 photo.

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First icicles of the fall. - added by Sandy

And more icicles. - added by Sandy

Lunch view to the north west. - added by Sandy

View to the west overlooking Dome Island. Not a boat in sight. - added by Sandy

Kurk taking a break on the way down. - added by Sandy

Hikers from L to R: Bonnie, Mike, Sandy, Kendra, Mary, Fran, Lynn, Diane, Denis, Pat, Lenore, Margie, Don, Jack (behind Don) Linda, Scott and Ed. Not in picture: Joy and Kurt - added by Scott

Eating lunch and watching the "Lake George Show" - added by Scott

Such a nice view with our lunch. - added by Bonnie

I was S-O-O-O excited about using my 60' Selfie Stick again and getting the whole group in the shot that I just slid right down the rock and landed on Kurt's Micro Spikes! Maybe he can't find them because they're still stuck to my britches! - added by Diane

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