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Ray And Katie's Paddle Week, 6/20 - 6/23 ~ Jun 20, 2018

Journal entry by Katie Henrikson

Monday, June 20 Loon Lake By Margie
The wind doth blow!! 6 intrepid souls headed out from the haven of the lovely home at the north end of Loon Lake with a brisk tailwind speeding our way, bouncing through the whitecaps. The town beach at the south end was a welcome rest for lunch as I considered whether to hitchhike or walk back with Linda to get her car. Off we headed, as first a bit sheltered in the bay until we hit the main water, heads tucked, paddling for all we were worth. Mercifully the coves gave needed rests until somehow Katie worked magic to calm the wind and water to a more reasonable chop. Once back it was so calm we extended the day with a visit to a recently built massive beaver dam.
Linda had called Katie in the AM to see if the paddle was on, considering the forecast 15+ mph wind. Katie said, "why yes" (it was beautiful and calm there). We forgot that she had no internet the past couple of days. So the 6 of us (the Rebers arrived) had a beautiful day of paddling after all.

Tuesday, June 21 13th Lake by Ray and Katie
It was a beautiful day for a paddle, sunny, a few light puffy clouds, and a light breeze. We made our way in tranquility to the end of the lake, turned around, and came back – with lunch at a convenient spot about half way back. The 4.5 mile paddle was just the right distance. There is no sign of civilization from the water, it’s hard to believe there are many houses carefully hidden in the woods. Attendees: Margie, Linda, Bonnie, Kathy, Sam, Ray and Katie

Wednesday, June 21 Northwest Bay by Ray and Katie
This was a less ideal day for a paddle, but every day in the woods is a good day. The sky was overcast, the rain threatened, and all but Katie and Ray were scared away. We paddled out Northwest Bay Brook till it opened out into the Bay, where the east wind was strong, the waves were rough, and it seemed not a good idea to proceed. So we turned around and explored some of the tributaries to the brook, then packed up, went home, and watched from inside as 1.5 inches of rain came down Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

Friday June 23 Schroon River by Ray and Katie
Another beautiful day for a paddle. We put in at the Starbuckville Dam, to paddle 5+ miles upstream to Schroon Lake The sky was bright blue, the water was calm, there was a light breeze, and it was a little warmer than earlier in the week. We passed many developed areas with camps built right on the water. Other areas were marshy or wooded and looked very wild. What used to be a dairy farm is now a horse farm, with the horses fenced in. (The cows used to wade right down into the river.) After about 3 miles, with the day heating up dramatically, we started thinking about sunburns and other things to do, and we turned around. All were able to get out of their boats and safely onto land, without going over the dam. Attendees: Gayle, Joy, Sam, Katie and Ray.

7/5/18 - Ray Henrikson added 3 photos. 7/5/18 - Ray Henrikson added 3 photos. 7/5/18 - Ray Henrikson added 3 photos.

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Loon Lake, beaver dam at north end of lake. - added by Ray

Lunch at south end of Loon Lake - added by Ray

Group at Henrikson's waterfront - added by Ray

On 13th Lake, Margie ready to go. - added by Ray

The group moving out on 13th Lake. - added by Ray

Katie and Sam inspecting the shoreline of 13th Lake. - added by Ray

Katie entering Northwest Bay at Lake George. - added by Ray

On the Schroon River, Ray saying, "Hey guys wait for me". - added by Ray

Wildlife along the Schroon. - added by Ray

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