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Moreau Lake State Park ~ Mar 31, 2015

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

We had a sunny day for our second Tuesday Moreau hike. It was Margie's first time out since her accident and she was in fine form, as were Lynn and Sam. We parked on Spier Falls Road across from Sam''s shortcut to the CP trail. We made several stops while climbing the "unrelenting" hill, detoured up the icy ridge that parallels the orange trail and stream, then pushed on up to the red trail intersection. Our microspikes served well as long as we stayed on trail. Otherwise we might sink to our shins. We enjoyed watching the snow fleas in the post holes along this section. Our next stop was lunch, overlooking the snow covered marsh near the intersection with the green trail. This trail down the mountain was littered with hemlock branches from feasting porcupines. After joining the yellow trail we encountered more soft snow in open patches of forest. This day revealed more signs of spring-gurgling streams, a patch of mud and even some clumps of grass! We all agreed that we could even smell spring and wondered about trail conditions in the next couple of weeks.

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the unrelenting hill.

Even trees shed this time of year.

Winter meets spring.

Springtails, alias snow fleas, eating decayed plant matter and microscopic critters. They can "spring" by releasing the hooks that hold two appendages or "tails" under their body.

Relaxing at the yellow-red junction near the top of the Palmerton Range.

We're lichen this art.

Lunch at 12:20.

Tall people or short sign?

An old tree whose branches grew along barbed wire.

Viewing 17 of 77 - 2015


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