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Cougar Trail - Chester Challenge ~ Mar 16, 2017

Journal entry by Katie Henrikson

Six intrepid (or foolish?) Caners set off on snowshoes through two feet on fresh snow to see what the Chester Challenge was all about. The day was bright, sunny, cold, and windy. The snow was fresh and deep. The trails, though well marked through the woods, were not so easy to follow near the trail head, so we had to be flexible about the start and finish of the hike. Though the trail-breaking was strenuous, we all enjoyed a beautiful day, hiking to the top of Cougar Mountain and lunch at the warm and welcoming Stewart’s Shop when we had finished the three miles.
Hikers were Linda P., Diane, Jim, Don, Lori, and Katie.

3/22/17 - Diane Wisell added 4 photos.

4 photos

Our intrepid leader, not to be intimidated by a few itsy bitsy snow flurries from two days before, forges ahead! - added by Diane

Katie, Linda, Lori, Don, Jim and if you peek behind the camera, you'll find Diane. - added by Diane

Mr. Israel, charging through the fluff! - added by Diane

Don, Lori and Linda run on ahead to keep the followers huffing and puffing as they try to keep the wild pace! - added by Diane

Viewing 16 of 76 - 2017


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