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A-Team Snowshoe to Inman Pond ~ Mar 15, 2018

Journal entry by Don McMahon

The storm was over and the sun showed promise of appearing. Along with Bonnie, Sam, Linda and Don who appeared at CTL at the apointed time, we were happy to find Joy and Mark and Nancy at the trailhead parking - a good size group. And in contrast with the dirty brown snow hugging both sides of roads, the snow on the trail from Lower Hogtown parking to Inman Pond was new and pristine white. With snow also on the branches and limbs of trees and with the sun peaking out from time to time, it was another magical winter day. And, fortunately, the trail had been packed down by recent hikers so the snowshoe treck was easier than expected. However our benefactors chose to go to the north side of Inman Pond whereas our plan was to go on the south side to arrive at the large rock promontory at the west end of the pond. Thanks to Joy breaking the trail, we did get to the top of the "big rock" and were able to behold the splendid views offered from its height. However it was too cold and windy for lunch there! Instead we took advantage of the shelter offered by the overhanging ledge just below on the north side of the "rock". Afterwards we returned by our already packed down trail. Another good winter day to be out in the woods.

3/17/18 - joy munro added 11 photos.

11 photos

Group photo Nancy, Linda, Sam, Bonnie, Mark, Don. (Joy behind camera) - added by joy

Starting up the trail on a gray day - added by joy

Just before St. Patty's day, we found a leprechaun hiding in a hollow tree... - added by joy

Magical woods...the sun starting to peak through - added by joy

Bonnie cresting a hill as Don catches his breath... - added by joy

And we all take a break and enjoy the sunshine. - added by joy

Coming around the rock, getting ready to climb... - added by joy

A gray view from the summit. - added by joy

Don arriving at the summit - added by joy

Mark and Sam--20 more feet to go! - added by joy

Heading was a great day. - added by joy

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