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Lake Bonita to Spring Through Hike ~ Mar 31, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack for Don and Sam

Don, the prognosticator, led 16 trusting Canes on a rain free and somewhat sunny lovely new hike. We left most cars at the Moreau/Spier Falls spring, some folks even parking in the new lot off the power line road.  After arriving at the grassy road which led to Lake Bonita, coltsfoot wildflowers greeted us, a sure harbinger of spring. Lake Bonita's dam came into view after a short walk and then the bushwhack began. We ascended gradually through an open deciduous forest, crossing old logging roads, past vernal pools and moss covered rock formations. After several pauses to check maps and GPS, Lake Ann and the lean-to came into view. Lunch was augmented by several treats including Ed's Rock Hill  oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Linda's chocolate candies and Lenore's pecan squares.

A short bushwhack brought us to the powerline, a grassy and rocky area which led us to a small trickle. As we followed along, Sam leading now, it became wider and faster and soon became a gurgling, meandering stream with cascades and waterfalls. We came across a porcupine den and a young garter snake before joining the yellow trail near its beginning. We enjoyed exploring four miles of this new area with Diane and Kurt, Donna and Pete, Ed, Jim, Linda, Cathy, Margi, Lynn, and were especially happy to see Sam and Claire, as well as first timer Veronica.

After stopping at Stewarts for a treat, we decided to visit the Ora Phelps Preserve to see snow trillium and had another treat! Ray and Carolyn were walking there for the same purpose and showed us the way.  

4/1/16 - Diane Wisell added 7 photos. 4/1/16 - Margie Litwin added 3 photos. 4/1/16 - joy munro added 2 photos.

28 photos

Lake Bonita Dam

Moss and leaves

There we are

Compass reading pause

Strange fungi in split trunk

Hemlock varnish shelf fungi

Lunch at Lake Ann leanto

Lunch on the log

Descending the power line right of way

Kurt photographing porcupine den poop

Garter snake posing

Bird, Fish, or ? fungus

Meandering stream on the way down

Joy admiring Sam's waterfall

Snow trillium at Ora Phelps Preserve owned by Saratoga PLAN

Walkin' in tall grass. - added by Diane

Lake Ann - added by Diane

Veronica, our newest Cane! Though young, she's Crooked enough to be one of us and FAR more animated than our last newbie, Greenfield Frank, shown in the recent Owl Head Lookout trip report! - added by Diane

British Soldiers, 3 feet tall! Well, maybe 3 cm. - added by Diane

If you were a porcupine, you'd be home now! - added by Diane

A rodent's misfortune was an owl's good luck. - added by Diane

Linda sent us this photo of Peter's jaw-out-of-joint reaction when she insisted, based on what his doctor had told him (firmly), that he not go on today's outing. Get well soon Pete! - added by Diane

One of several peaceful vernal pools along our way. - added by Margie

Who lives beneath the folds of this old tree? - added by Margie

Overwintered partridge berries brightened the trail. - added by Margie

Though the sun was mostly hidden this day, the coltsfoot shone brightly! - added by Margie

Sam's waterfall - added by joy

ridge runners - added by joy

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