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A-Team Hike from Rt. 9N to Butler Pond Area ~ Mar 9, 2017

Journal entry by Don McMahon

We were 5, Bonnie, Barbara Z, Linda F, Tom and Don. It turned out to be a very nice day for an easy walk in the woods. The temperature continued to be about 36 degrees Fahrenheit for the whole trip. There were a few fluffy clouds in the sky with lots of wind and blowing leaves in the open. We started out from the entrance of the Lake George Dump road with Microspikes already placed. However there was not much ice on the trail for the first mile. But after ascending several hundred feet the icy sections became more numerous and, as it turned out, it was easier to walk on the ice than on the rough stones underneath. We arrived at the pond around 11:30 and, after some extra walking, found a horizontal log high enough and long enough to accommodate 5 people. But by this time the sun had warmed up the ground and the road around the pond was muddy - not conducive for walking. So that idea was scratched, and after lunch we started back down the trail, arriving at the car at 1:30. Tom proposed then that we drive up to the Rec Area parking to view the nearby waterfalls. Stupid us! We left the microspikes in the car for the short walk and we were confronted with more icy roads that we had seen all day. Some of us made the life threatening trip and managed to get to the falls. To get back to the parking we walked up through the woods where the ground was bare, arriving there at 2 pm. Early enough not to miss cocktail hour at home. A good day to be in the woods!


3/10/17 - Barbara Zuccaro added 6 photos. 3/10/17 - Bonnie Whitman added 3 photos.

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Don, Tom, Bonnie & Linda ready to hike! - added by Barbara

A small iced pond that we viewed along our hike - added by Barbara

Linda & Tom getting ready for lunch - added by Barbara

Bonnie enjoying lunch - added by Barbara

Don, Bonnie Barbara & Linda ready to hit the trails after lunch. - added by Barbara

Water flowing below falls at Lake George Recreation - added by Barbara

Nice spot for lunch - added by Bonnie

About as slow as we can go. hehe - added by Bonnie

Such a pretty place. - added by Bonnie

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