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Fair Weather Walk to Ireland Vly ~ Feb 9, 2012

Journal entry by Don McMahon

A "baker's dozen" (13) souls appeared prepared to enjoy the "indian summer" walk along the shores of the iced over Hans Brook to Ireland Vly. As is usual for this year of little snow we used microspikes over a few inches of snow with some bare spots and some ice. After a mile of walking though open woods along old logging roads, we arrived at Little Hans Brook where Tom ventured across and showed the rest of us that we could safely make it over the rushing waters traveling below. Then an easy walk to the Vly itself which was covered by thick ice allowing us to walk up the Vly past a couple of islands to a sunny, sheltered peninsula on the east shore where we had lunch. Following lunch we had a leasurely walk back to the cars with an ever warmer sun on our backs. And then, for the finale, most of us returned to the Boyle's where we were joined by a former Crooked Canes for warm drinks, Eleanor's cookies (yum!), and pleasant conversation. A good day for everyone but I'm afraid that I am beginning to whish for spring in spite of not being on skiis or snowshoes yet this year!

12 photos

Ireland Vly Looking West - by Wanderer

Ireland Vly Looking South - by Wanderer

Island Lunch - L to R - Don, Karen, Ken, Tom, Joanne - by Wanderer

Lost on Ireland Vly - We think he said his name was Jim - by Wanderer

Homecoming - the rest of the group - no special order - Linda, Sam, Dennis, Marianne, Rose and Pat - by Wanderer

Ireland Vly Inlet - by Wanderer

Party Time - L to R - Eleanor, Trudy, Joanne, Don, Tom, Edythe - by Wanderer

Party Time - L to R - Joanne, Don, Edythe, Pat, Chuck, Fred and Doris - by Wanderer

Party Time - L to R - Irv and Denis (way back), Marianne, Karen, Linda, Ken (middle table), Trudy, Eleanor, Joanne and Don - by Wanderer

Old rockin chair's got Jim R.

Joann and Karen out on the ice of the Vly, enjoying the sun.

Ice shining on Little Hans Creek

Viewing 7 of 70 - 2012


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