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Moreau Lake State Park ~ Mar 19, 2015

Journal entry by Gail

16 crooked Caners joined me for my debut as hike leader at Moreau Lake State Park. The day was a glorious exit to winter! A cloudless blue sky combined with a 30 degree temperature that was perfect for microspikes allowed us to leave our snowshoes in the cars. We started from the Spring Run trailhead on the yellow marked WR trail on the Spier Falls Road, then headed east on the blue ER trail for a short distance before turning north onto the white WB trail. The WB trail meanders through mixed forest with plenty of white birch trees on the way, until it returns to the WR trail further along the escarpment. Not quite ready for lunch we turned right, mostly northerly, until we reached an overlook that provided good views, sun and shelter from the wind and had lunch, (not sure if you would call Eds stale cookies from last year a lunch, but he did... ). After lunch we all agreed to continue a bit further on the WR trail. There was a gradual uphill and then the trail took us through plenty of beautiful pines and hardwoods with frequent views of the Hudson and beyond. At the juncture with the orange marked CP trail we hiked a short distance to the viewpoint, which did not disappoint, and decided that this would be a good turning point for the day. Remaining on the WR trail on the return, we enjoyed yet more escarpment views.

When we reached the final overlook, where the Hudson River can be seen making a horseshoe bend, Tom shared a little known fact from his private book of knowledge that we were looking at the only section of the Hudson River to flow in a northerly direction. Ray pointed out scattered hemlock branches along the forest floor that were the remains of porcupine snacking and Peter took numerous pictures of rocks. The day brought a brisk wind with it, reminding us that although Spring was just one day away, Winter still ruled the land.

It is always a pleasure to spend a day with Tom, whose joyous eyes and heartfelt comments along the lines of "what a beautiful day" and "let's take a break and enjoy the moment", remind one of the gifts of life, good health, and friends. We had a newcomer with us today, Linda Plante, who assured us that she would be back for more. All in all, 4.75 miles, (Jack suggested rounding it up to 10), and a wonderful way to enjoy the last day of winter with 16 friends - Kurt and Diane, Jim and Jan, Ray, Don, Tom, Linda and Pedro, Liz, Ed, Jack and Lenore, Karen, Lynn, and Linda P.

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Happy Hikers - added by Wanderer

Karen and Jack - added by Wanderer

Newcomer, Linda Plante - checking out the view - added by Wanderer

Glacial erratic - Gail said I was taking pictures of rocks so I may as well include one - added by Wanderer

Diane leading the group on an uphill - added by Wanderer

Lunch - who is that masked man? - added by Wanderer

Jan & Jim in the sun - and Gail too - added by Wanderer

Ed, Gail, Lenore & Jack - added by Wanderer

Karen, Linda, Lynn, Liz - added by Wanderer

Spier Falls Dam and beyond - added by Wanderer

Kurt - with Ray hiding behind him - added by Wanderer

Our leader Gail and her troops - added by Wanderer

Hi Margie, wishing you the best and a speedy and complete recovery we miss you! ............................................................................................................................... (For those of you who do not know Margie was hit by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver while visiting her daughter in Colorado. She was in a crosswalk at the time and suffered some cuts, bruises and a bump on the head resulting in a concussion. She has since returned home and is recovering and hopes to join us on outings in the near future.) - added by Wanderer

Hello to Margie again - wow, you must be special to get this group to gather twice! - added by Wanderer

Kurt taking a short cut - added by Wanderer

Hut 1..2..3..4; Beware of branches that snap back; Hut 1..2..3..4 - added by RayB

Waterfalls frozen in time. The first in a series of pictures taken above the first overlook. - added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB Fini!

Gail, our leader, camoflaged by a dark ledge,stealthily checks on her troupe. Great day Gail and THANKS for the outing! - added by Kurt

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