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Spruce Mountain – Lens Lake Overlook Snowshoe Hike ~ Mar 3, 2017

Journal entry by Ghost Writer for Ed

It was just past noon when our group of eleven hardy hikers reached the top of Spruce Mountain for lunch.   At the overlook we were greeted by blue skies and an expansive view that included Hadley Mountain and its fire tower to the southeast and the eastern end of the Great Sacandaga Lake to the south.  As always, everyone selected their “perfect” perch to enjoy lunch and beverage.  Despite the abundant sunshine I didn’t see anyone taking off their warm jackets or hats – it was cold but comfortable.

Today’s adventure began without a hitch with the multiple meeting locations working out just fine and the spotting of cars at Ed’s wilderness retreat going smoothly.  For most, the drive to Stony Creek saw little snow but as soon as we turned away from the hamlet and towards the mountain and Lens Lake we could see why Ed had suggested snowshoes – snow was everywhere and lots of it.  Snowshoes were the footwear of choice at the beginning of the hike but Microspikes wound up to be the preferred choice after we got underway.  After the customary group picture at the start we crossed a stream on a small bridge and entered the evergreen forest and followed the privately marked trail through beautiful woods, climbing steadily up and over many small hills and crossing a few streams until we reached the overlook mentioned above. 

Sunshine was abundant as we lingered a little longer than normal, entertained by Rich having to retrieve Barbara’s snowshoes from a fall from the overlook.  Luckily she wasn’t wearing them at the time so no harm was done except for my reporting the event.  After lunch we continued along the ridge, snow covered in spots but hard enough to allow us to continue using Microspikes, until we reached the overlook facing northwest.  From here we had unobstructed views of Lens Lake, Middle Flow and Livingston Lake as well as Thompson, Wheeler and Slip Mountains and many others on the horizon.  Clouds started to appear and it wasn’t long before the sunshine disappeared.  It didn’t matter though – we were headed down now and back into the woods, almost entirely void of snow.  Most of the descent was through pretty mixed hardwoods until we reached the flat part when the snow returned and we found ourselves back amongst the evergreens – spruce, hemlock, balsam and pine, until we reached Ed’s place and the cars.  Another great day to be in the woods, hiking with friends. 

Thanks Ed – we had a great time,

Ghost Writer

3/8/17 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

14 photos

Happy hikers at the start - added by Wanderer

Most of the group intrigued with something - certainly not the camera - added by Wanderer

Veil of ice - added by Wanderer

Crossing one of the streams - awkward on snowshoes - added by Wanderer

They got it right this time - smile everybody! - added by Wanderer

Partial view of the Great Sacandaga Lake through the trees - added by Wanderer

Rich retrieving Barbara's snowshoes - added by Wanderer

Headed for the second overlook - added by Wanderer

That is one big turtle head! - added by Wanderer

Stony Creek Pagoda or something else - you'll have to use your imagination - added by Wanderer

Ed, our guide, pointing out some of the natural features of the area to Gail and Shelly - added by Wanderer

Middle Flow (R) and Livingston Lake (L) from the second overlook - added by Wanderer

Lens Lake from the second overlook - added by Wanderer

Group at the second overlook - added by Wanderer


Gail, Peter, Lenore and Jack, Barbara and Rich, Lori, Liz, Ray Boucher, Shelly and of course Ed

Viewing 13 of 76 - 2017


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