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Hennig Preserve ~ Feb 2, 2012

Journal entry by Peter for Tom

Hello and Happy Groundhog’s Day!

News of the day - Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicts another 6 weeks of winter! Maybe it was bright in PA but it was cloudy in the town of Providence in Saratoga County. However, that didn’t stop Tom from leading 13 happy hikers on a new CC hike at the Hennig Preserve.

From their website: “On August 20th 2011, Saratoga P.L.A.N. officially opened the 606-acre Hennig Preserve in the Town of Providence. Bob Hennig and Penny Steffen, Barbara Hennig and the late Mally Sue Bleikamp Hennig lovingly cared for this property for over 50 years.” - And we certainly are grateful for their gift. The land isn’t new to some of the caners – apparently Bob Hennig was quite the x-country enthusiast and cut his own trails throughout the property which he shared with the CC’s in the past. The preserve currently has only 1.5 miles of marked trail with slightly over a mile of additional trail on an easement on private lands adjoining the preserve. We were fortunate enough to meet some of the volunteers, lead by Walter Hayes, marking and clearing a new loop trail. Not only fortunate to meet them but they showed us to the spur trail’s start and we followed it out on our way back. Walter is not only marking and clearing a new trail but has done lots of research about the farming history of the property which dates back to the mid 1800’s. The property is criss-crossed with stone walls and the trail passes two old foundations, one with a well. There are ambitious plans to mark more trails on the preserve as well as cut new connecting trails on adjoining County property lands - something for all of us to look forward to.

The main trail leads the visitor through a mature forest of mixed hardwoods, huge pines and some really large hemlocks – there is little evidence of logging which we know hadn’t been done in at least 60 years since the Bob Hennig purchased the lands. The trail over the easement property lead us to the shores of Round Pond – an isolated body of water with a large marsh area surrounding the outlet where we had a leisurely lunch. Plans of returning in other seasons were already being discussed – some wanting to return in the spring to see the wildflowers that must abound along the trail and others the fall to see the colors at their best. I guess it doesn’t matter which season you visit – it is now open to the public and free to all.

Thank you Tom for leading another super hike – and Ray Bouchard, Joanne, Sam, Kirk and Claire, Fran, Karen, Linda, Dennis, Margaret, Ken and Jim Israel (first timer) for making it a memorable day for all.

Peter for Tom

2/6/12 - Ray Bouchard added 6 photos.

12 photos

Group at the Start sans Dennis and Pete - L to R: Tom,Fran,Joanne,Kirk,Claire,Margaret,Linda,Jim,Karen,Sam,Ken,Ray

Old Foundation and Well, circa 1850

Round Pond and Outlet

Outlet of Round Pond

2nd Foundation, circa 1865

Pete and his very own prognosticator - Greenfield Giuseppi - unfortunately, Giuseppi was unable to attend today's hike because of prior commitments this morning.

This is a topo map showing the approximate boundary of the Hennig Preserve as well as the trail we hiked on. the round trip distance was 4.4 miles more or less. Please note the Le Vine Preserve in the lower left corner. It looks like an interesting place to visit. Email me if you would like a high resolution JPEG or PDF version of this map. Please specify. - by Ray

Our mascot literally came out of the woodwork looking for his buddy, Peter, but Peter was no where to be found. Hmmm! - by Ray

It's no wonder. Peter had more serious matters on his mind, like what would happen if the upper trunk gave way. Just a little longer Peter, we're coming. - by Ray

"Give me a minute or two more Peter. I'm on my lunch break." Jim - by Ray

Fran enjoying the view. - by Ray

Claire - by Ray

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