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Second Pond Hike ~ Mar 26, 2016

Journal entry by Wanderer

There is always a risk that you will lose some interest when you change the day of an outing but to move it to the Saturday before Easter – that is certainly going to cut down on participation - right?  Tell that to the 19 participants who showed up for the hike this past Saturday.  Linda and I arrived early to the empty parking lot at the WCMC – except for Bill, who had arrived right before us.  We said our hellos and tried to guess how many people would show up and then the cars started to arrive so we postponed guessing and began to arrange the carpooling.  They were a trusting group – I had promised blue skies and full sun for today but we had lots of clouds and the temperature was in the 30’s – oh well – they will just have to trust me a little longer.

Our next stop was the McDonald’s at Warrensburg where we picked up Nancy and Candi and some decided to have their second breakfast to go.  I always take Golf Course Road from Warrensburg to the Glen this time of year to see the shores lined with huge blocks of ice but we all know about the “non-winter” we had this year and the Hudson runs free with little or no ice remaining on the shores – except for some at Snake Rock – one of our put-ins for the downstream paddle of the Hudson.  Another stop at the Court House/Community Center in Wevertown but no additional takers so we continued on our last leg of the drive along Rt 8 to Chatiemac Rd in Johnsburg.  As we made the turn on to Chatiemac Rd we passed picturesque Windover Lake on the left – ice free with quite a few ducks on it when Kurt and Diane drove past a little earlier – they must have scared them off.  It wasn’t long before we were at the parking area at the trailhead with Diane, Kurt, Ruth and Jim waiting for us.  I heard some comments about my weather prediction being off – we still had lots of clouds, the temperature had risen to the high 30’s but I assured everyone that the sun and blue skies would arrive soon – of course they didn’t believe me.

We soon were on our way and before long we came to the shores of Chatiemac Lake with its beaver dam only a few feet from the trail and the beaver lodge off in the distance.  The skies were blue, no clouds and the lake glistened under full sun!  Of course we were in the shade at the time and the Lake was mostly frozen but I may as well say it now - “I told them so.”  The trail has some ups and downs; some areas still had some ice on it but were easily avoided.  There was mud but it seemed like the layers of leaves helped protect you from sinking very far.  Don and Joy were in the lead with a few others and we didn’t catch up with them until we arrived at the shores of the pond (I think Don said they had been there over 20 minutes by then).  There was some blowdowns near the shore so it made it seem more confined than in the past, however, since the pond was nearly completely frozen we were able to negotiate the shoreline to find adequate seating.  If you walked along the frozen shore only a few yards there was an excellent view of the towers on Gore Mt., shimmering in the sunlight, standing tall above the lightly snow covered northside of the mountain.  We took our time as we normally do and the visiting was good – those that were in the shade noticed how much cooler it was – and I’m sure the frozen surface of the pond kept the temperature from getting too warm. 

With lunch over we retraced our route back to the parking lot – stopping occasionally to regroup, switching positions to visit with someone else – just a perfect day for a hike.  We stopped for a little longer break at the beaver dam at Chatiemac Lake and saw that the ice had retreated significantly from just a few hours before and admired how beautiful the location was.  We hiked a few minutes longer to the parking lot and said our goodbyes and wished everyone a Happy Easter.

We’ll have to try Saturday hiking more often,


3/29/16 - Ed Valla added 1 photo. 4/1/16 - Diane Wisell added 3 photos.

19 photos

Second Pond trailhead

Chatiemac Lake

Second Pond

Ed - King of the tree stump

Lunch at Second Pond - Jo-Ellen, Barbara, Carolyn and Kurt with Joy looking on


Second Pond and the back side of Gore Mt.

Towers on Gore Mt. from Second Pond

Jean, Lynn, Joy and Don

Pretty lunch spot

Kurt having fun - will Kirk be next?

You have heard of "Where's Waldo?" - the Canes have "Where's Kurt?"

Taking a short rest

Closeup of the beaver lodge at Chatiemac Lake

Beaver dam on Chatiemac Lake

Ice Out at Chatiemac Lake - added by Ed

Mergansers. Three guys and a gal. - added by Diane

A dinosaur egg surrounded by icy roots. - added by Diane

The obligatory 'shroom: This one's for you, Ray! - added by Diane

Attendees:  Don, Joy, Carolyn C, Barbara, Diane and Kurt, Claire and Kirk, Jean, Bill, Ed, Linda and Peter, Ruth and Jim, Jo-Ellen, Lynn, Nancy, Candi

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