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A-Team Hike at Corinth Reservoir Recreation Area ~ Mar 3, 2017

Journal entry by Don McMcMahon


Through Bonnie Whitman we learned about the Corinth Reservoir Recreation Area and consequently planned this A-Team hike there. Although the Corinth Rec Area has a lot of trails, because of all the rain and not being able to ford fast running streams, this time we hiked up the Bald Mtn trail, a graded slope with about 500 ft elevation change, and then took Wilson Pass to trail get to the Redmond overlook trail, another half mile 100 ft climb, to the overlook, where we had lunch. There was a great view there toward the east with Corinth below us and West Mountain and the Palmerton Range in the background. Although we planned on returning via a jeep trail after lunch, due to ice flows left from snowmobile traffic, we decided to return the way we came. However on the return trip we detoured to walk past part of the upper reservoir, a pretty area itself. Although one could walk the perimeter of the upper reservoir using the three bridges, we left that for another day. Since we started the day with blue skies and full sun, had lunch with some feathery cirrus clouds overhead and returned home with totally clouded skies, we can say that we enjoyed the best part of the day.


3/5/17 - Joy Munro added 4 photos. 3/6/17 - Diane Wisell added 7 photos.

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Once we got past the ice, the trails were nice. - added by Joy

We had a nice view at the top. - added by Joy

Linda and Joy enjoying the scenery and good conversation at lunch. - added by Joy

This stream ran along the trail near the trailhead. - added by Joy

Here's our gang! - added by Diane

On a lane between two stone walls, it's not hard to imagine what this may have looked like a century or so before the Crooked Canes landed here. - added by Diane

Linda enjoys a snack before lunch. - added by Diane

An interesting tree that has obviously been through some hard times but persevered. - added by Diane

A hemlock varnish shelf that's seen better days. - added by Diane

On March 3rd, after a very nice period of very spring-like weather and in spite of the many backseat drivers, Old Man Winter let us know who was still in the driver's seat. . - added by Diane

Thing. - added by Diane

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