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Berry Pond Hike ~ Jan 26, 2012

Journal entry by Ray Bouchard

A hardy group of 18 completed the 6 mile loop in spite of the icy conditions. Micro Spikes were worth their weight in gold on this trip. Since I wasn't the trip leader in any sense of the word I'll keep this short so those in our group that are heading to England, Florida and New Mexico can see some of the pictures. Ray

Ray was quick - and now from the trip leader - For the Rest of the Story!

This winter has been such a challenge! We were all excited about going skiing at Santanoni Preserve but a few days before our outing it had to warm up and rain! Not to worry, I can come up with alternatives! But at the last minute my back up plans almost fell through when my co leader Don called me early in the morning with a voice that I barely recognized to tell me that he was in no shape to go anywhere. Even before I had time for my morning tea I remembered that Ken knows the maze of trails at the Lake George Recreation Center better than I do. It turned out that Ken overdid it the day before and was limping around! There is always dependable Tom! Well, Tom had things to do and was long gone! What a relief it was to find out that Peter and Linda were going to join us and Peter remembered the way to Berry Pond! I was surprised to find 17 people in the parking lot, including Kurt and Diane who also had good directions for this hike and a GPS, all eager to revisit this area of the Lake George Land Conservancy. After some grumbling about the lack of snow and putting on our microspikes everyone started to enjoy themselves as we walked up a steep hill following West Brook, then the blue and orange trails. We even found about 6 inches of snow on the logging roads. We examined and identified fisher, grouse, snowshoe hare and turkey tracks, admired the remnants of herons nests, beaver lodges, dams and other activities. We were treated to great views of Butler Pond and the Lake George Narrows from the overlook. The temperature was warm enough for us to have an enjoyable lunch in spite of the lack of sun. After about 6 miles and over 1000 ft of elevation we returned to the lean-to for some final photos and we made plans for a repeat of this hike in the spring to watch the herons and their babies. Thank you Peter and Linda, Kurt and Diane, Lenore and Jack, Donna and Peter, Ray, Liz, Cindy and Paul, Donna, Joanne, Dennis, Claudia and Jo-Ellen for a fun day and for being so flexible. Let's all do a snow dance for our next outing! Fran

1/29/12 - Wanderer Fedorick added 14 photos.

21 photos

Bejeweled ice suspended above the rushing water.

Ice crystals formed a delicate necklace on the branch.

Jack looking to see if there are any Herons flying in to claim their stake. January is a bit early I guess but would you believe there were male herons sitting in them last March? True story.

A sure sign of recent beaver activity.

The kitchen midden lying next to their house. The furry, four footed creatures have stripped the poles of all their bark. Mmmm good!

Run Peter run, before papa beaver catches you and debarks your leg. Yuck!

The hardy bunch that made the 6 mile journey.

West Brook - Forest View - by Wanderer

On the March - by Wanderer

Lower Lake George - by Wanderer

Lunch at Overlook - by Wanderer

L-R: Jo-Ellen, Claudia, Donna Westcott, Donna Wood - by Wanderer

L-R: Liz, Jack, Lenore, Ray, Peter Wood - by Wanderer

L-R: Diane, Kurt, Linda - by Wanderer

L-R: Joanne, Cindy, Fran, Dennis, Liz, Jack, Paul - by Wanderer

Berry Pond from Overlook - by Wanderer

Finally! - Some downhill - by Wanderer

On Berry Pond - by Wanderer

Berry Pond's Heron Nests and Beaver Lodge - by Wanderer

Active Beaver Lodge - by Wanderer

Beaver Gnawed Tree - Ambitious! - by Wanderer

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