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Kalabus-Perry Preserve ~ Feb 23, 2017

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Summer in winter, but no one wore shorts, although I wish I had worn capris. All agreed that Kalabus-Perry Preserve is a hidden gem of Saratoga County. The shade of the pine forest had kept the snow somewhat intact, the puddles were mangeable and our microspikes kept us vertical on the icy spots. We welcomed new hikers while while soaking up the sun and enjoying the shadow patterns of tree trunks on snow. Wildlife made itself known by its tracks, by a hawk flying between the branches, and by  snow fleas (springtails) floating and jumping in the puddles. Walking the three and a quarter figure eight loop was a lovely way to spend a few hours with 25 regular and A-Team Crooked Caners.  

2/27/17 - RayB Bouchard added 5 photos.

2/27/17 - RayB Bouchard added 1 photo.

24 photos

Looks like winter, but.....

it feels like spring.

Tom and Mark enjoying the sunshine.

What a delight to have Linda's grandchildren, Kaiden and Deven, join us.

What do we see.....the bear over the mountain?

Mama and Papa Bear's chairs!

Tom explains his theory that trail markers kill trees!

Squirrel tracks.

New groomed trails for skiers and bikers.

Springtails enjoying a cold whirlpool.

Brown springtails cuddling for warmth.

An ice dish formerly topping a stump.

Bonnie, Rich, Barbara, Jim R, Mary and Roy enjoying lunch in the sun.

Fran, Linda, Joy and Mark found a comfortable spot.

Tom checking on Denise, Mery and Steve.

Tom, Diane, Mike and Jim I on a log.

Deven, Linda, Kaiden and Don found a bench.

Started in winter, ended in mud season.

Lenore was a veritable "Pied Piper". Not only did we faithfully follow her, after all she was the co-trip leader, but Deven & Kaiden hung on her every word. BTW, she may have decided not to wear her Capri's, but I thought the Pedal Pushers were very becoming. - added by RayB

Mery, Katie, and Denise enjoying each others company. - added by RayB

as were Jim I. and Steve - added by RayB

Hey! The little buggers tickle. - added by RayB

If you decide to go on your own this is what the trail markers look like. There is only one trail at the Preserve; it's approx. 3 mi. long, in the shape of a figure "8". The only real danger for a novice that refuses to carry a GPS, or a map & compass, lies in the shape of the trail. Should you become disoriented you might become trapped in the outer loop, and end up like Charlie, the man in the "MTA Song". You do remember Charlie, "He's the man who never returned'. - added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Thanks to everyone who joined us, including Katie and Ray B who escaped the lunch pictures.

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