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Ben Wood Mt. ~ Jan 19, 2012

Journal entry by Donna and Pete Wood

22 people ventured out from the Wood's house and into the woods. It was a crisp clear day and we finally had some snow on the ground if only a couple of inches.We were joined by Peter and Linda on the trail after a slight miscalculation on their part, and now numbered 24.. We reached the top where it was sunny and bright and we had a great view and a leisurely lunch... Donna started back early, but ended up at the back of the pack... she missed the turnoff. You can't trust her alone in the woods..Arrived back at the Wood's for hot cider, hot cocoa and delicious snacks . All in all great day and a great group.

1/20/12 - Ken Gericke added 3 photos.

1/23/12 - Anita Dingman added 2 photos.

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The Gathering by Wanderer

Knickers Rule! by Wanderer

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No - It's a ..... by Wanderer

Karen and Ken sharing a rock seat. by Wanderer

High on the perch absorbing some sun. by Wanderer

The Group minus Donna Wood and me. by Wanderer

Adirondack sky...from Ben Wood Mtn - by Ken

He's a Wanderer! - by Ken

Warming fire....cocoa, hot apple cider, cookies and brownies. Thanks to Donna and Peter Wood for the hike and hospitality. - by Ken

Photo by Anita

Photo by Anita

Viewing 4 of 70 - 2012


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