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Owl Head Lookout Hike ~ Mar 17, 2016

Journal entry by Karen Burka

With some help from the CC resident meteorologist Peter (I don't look forward to getting his invoice for consulting fees), the Owl Head Lookout hike happened as scheduled, and we were glad it did. After Exit 28, the fog was gone and we were looking at a beautiful blue sky with white clouds. Twelve CC's and I hiked the 2.6-mile trail to the summit, passing through pretty hemlock forests, walking along a full stream with cascading waterfalls (crossing it several times!), and walking by rock ledges (some still covered with ice). There was some mud on the trail, but (thankfully) no boot-sucking mud! Before reaching the summit, a few of us took a short walk on the trail which eventually leads to Giant Mountain and looked back at the profile of Owl Head Lookout. Quite an impressive chunk of rock! Although there was some breeze and a quick, light rain shower, lunch on the summit was very enjoyable as we were able to look at the back areas of Rocky Peak Ridge and Giant Mountain with their many slides, some sections of Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains of VT, Hurricane Mountain and its fire tower, and Whiteface Mountain. We had an equally enjoyable hike back, with another quick, light rain shower just before we got to our cars. St. Patrick's Day was celebrated at the Exit 25 Stewart's. Anyone wearing something green was able to get an ice cream cone for 50 cents! Life is GOOD!

3/21/16 - Diane Wisell added 6 photos.

3/27/16 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

24 photos

Thank you to the couple from Texas who took our photo!

A picture of Peter taking a picture.

Still some ice in places.

Owl Head Lookout has a large rocky summit. VT mountains in the distance.

Linda, Lenore and Lynn found a spot out of the breeze.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Linda P.!

Rocky Peak Ridge (left) and Giant Mountain (right) with some ice and snow.

Mountain tops bring people closer together!

Hurricane Mtn. to the north. Another REALLY nice hike! - added by Diane

Our Leader, Karen, at the top. - added by Diane

Uh, oh. I think they believe it's me attracting the rain! - added by Diane

Open hemlock forest with Karen and Peter leading us onward and upward. - added by Diane

Winter's last gasp. - added by Diane

Two guys were standing in the High Peaks Rest Area when along comes this van. The window rolls down and........well, wouldn't you know, it's our newest Crooked Cane, Frank Furtter. Probably from Greenfield. - added by Diane

Thank you, Karen, for leading us up along this beautiful trail along Slide Brook. - added by Margie

Along the trail - added by Wanderer

Cascade on Slide Brook - added by Wanderer

Snow and ice hanging on - added by Wanderer

More of Slide Brook - added by Wanderer

Karen and Lenore smiling because we are nearly there - only .2 miles to go! - added by Wanderer

View of Owl's Head - added by Wanderer

Lunch perches - all bundled up - added by Wanderer

Linda, Lenore, Lynn and Margie - added by Wanderer

Looking east across Lake Champlain at the Green Mountains of Vermont with Camel's Hump in the center - added by Wanderer

It was nice spending the day with Margie, Lenore, Denis, Katie, Linda P., Barbara, Ed, Lynn, Kurt & Diane, Peter & Linda. Thank you to all!

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