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Lost Pond Hike ~ Jan 11, 2012

Journal entry by Wanderer

Hello Fellow Caners, Despite a longer than normal ride and a change in the scheduled date, eleven motivated hikers showed up for the hike into Lost Pond, near Putnam Pond. Most had driven past the TH over the years on their way to the campground or hike other trails in the area but, except for me, had never hiked into the pond. There was so little snow on the ground that it isn't worth mentioning but there were enough ice patches that almost everyone chose to wear their Microspikes or equivalent. The skies were mostly cloudy with a few blue areas peaking through at times and the temperature was in the high 20's, and no wind. The trail was wide, offering opportunities to visit along the way as it meandered through the beautiful mixed forest, and the frozen ground made it easy to cross the few streams on the way. Visiting is a good way to keep the pace slow which was especially important on this hike, since the distance to the pond was only about 1 mile. We started at 10:15 and it didn't seem long before we had reached the edge of the pond and had to make the most difficult decision of the day - whether to go around the pond in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. We chose counter-clockwise because it was the shorter way to the lunch spot at the far end of the pond - which made both Jack and Lenore very happy because we hadn't stopped for a snack and they like to be prompt when it's lunchtime. The trail hugged the shoreline so there were views of the pond all the way to the open area at the far end where we stopped for a leisurely lunch - some sitting around the well used fire pit, most finding their seat at the pond's edge. There was no rush because it wasn't even noon! I think it was around 12:30 when we packed up our gear and started back, with a few "rebels" choosing to walk on the ice along the shore rather than to take the more challenging route through the boulder field. I'm not sure which group made the best choice - the views from the pond surface were expansive but the official trail gave an up-close view of the huge boulders that surround this portion of the shoreline and the ice that had formed over the many nearby cliffs. Regardless, we all met up at the other end and retraced our steps back to the TH parking lot, arriving at 1:30. Everyone thought their outing had ended but I surprised them with an offer to add another "short" hike to the day if they wanted - a hike into Gull Pond, on the northeast side of Schroon Lake. Nancy and Donna chose to return home but the rest wanted more and we caravanned to the Gull Pond TH. The wonderful thing about the trail is that it is totally flat and only about .5 mile in length - so it took less than 15 minutes for the pack-less group to reach the shores and the overlook. The reward is high for such a short hike, giving you the sense that you are in deep wilderness and the cliffs at the far end of the pond are a nice added touch. After a few minutes of viewing and a couple of group pictures we returned to the TH. Most went directly home but a few diehards made their way to the Pottersville Stewart's for their ice cream fix. Thanks to Cindy & Paul, Ken, Ray Bouchard, Donna Westcott, Nancy Kimball, Lenore & Jack, Claire and my wife Linda for making it a wonderful, memorable day. Peter 1/12/12 - Ken Gericke added 3 photos. 1/13/12 - Ray Bouchard added 4 photos. 1/13/12 - Ray Bouchard added 7 photos.

21 photos

The Elusive Lost Pond Troll

Lost Pond Looking South

Lunch on the shore for some

Shore View at Lunch Site

Ray - Why do they call it Lost Pond if we have found it

Looking back over the pond from the lunch site.

Lost Pond Group - L to R - Jack, Cindy, Ray, Lenore (I thought she was taller), Linda, Ken, Claire, Paul

Claire and the vibrant colors of the winter forest - by Ken

Medusa's hair roots along the shore of Lost Pond - by Ken

Nancy Kimball negotiating the huge boulders as we return from lunch on Lost Pond - by Ken

I trapped the Troll with a Triscuit. - by Ray

Donna Westcott and Ken (The Troll) Gericke - by Ray

It's a mere hop, skip and a jump - by Ray

Animal, vegetable or mineral? It's your guess. - by Ray

Now that's using your heads guys. - by Ray

With all that green can Spring be far behind? - by Ray

The Gull Pond Crew - by Ray

Cindy and Paul Plante - by Ray

Our fearless leader, Peter Fedorick, and his wife Linda - by Ray

Claire Pospisil - by Ray

Jack Reber - by Ray

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