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Hadley Mountain ~ Mar 3, 2015

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Peter, Sam, Ed and Diane and Kurt joined us on a your choice microspike or snowshoe hike on this partly sunny Tuesday. The first mile was packed powder and the microspikers were well pleased. We saw an eagle swoop over distant Sacandaga Lake, seven foot blue, turquoise and white ice flows over boulders, and great views up the lake. We met a skier going up the trail and later were amazed by his tracks that revealed his trip down, between trees and cliffs and over boulders. Then it was the snowshoers time for glee, as drifted snow made the going tough, either postholing or climbing as if on sand dunes. We encountered other snowshoers making their way down, reassuring us that there was firm snow ahead. The summit was colder and windy, with a pale gray sky trying to hide the sun. But the views were great, beyond the lake and to the hills in the northwest, and it was lunch time, for those who had brought lunch! Unfortunately, Jack had grabbed the "bag of bags" instead of the lunch bag, so we survived on pumpkin bread shared with the group, a Rock Hill choc chip cookie donated by Ed, and our CCRAP (chocolate covered almonds, craisins, almonds and peanuts), and we weren't even hungry on the way down. We were better off than Peter, who enjoyed both the cheese and shiny red wax coating on a treat offered by Kurt and Diane. The way down was much faster, enhanced by some glissading, old bear claw marks going far up a beech tree, and views of a two tone Potash Mountain, snowy white on the west side and dark greenish brown on the north. We all agreed that Hadley Mountain and each others' company gave us a wonderful day.

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Blue ice highlights our hike up the mountain.

The tower at last.

Where's the lunch?

A friendly stumpman.

Happy hikers at the start - added by Wanderer

Ed smiling because he wore snowshoes - added by Wanderer

So much "up!" - added by Wanderer

Only a little further - added by Wanderer

Great Sacandaga Lake - added by Wanderer

Ed on the summit - added by Wanderer

Lunch - added by Wanderer

Hadley Mt firetower - added by Wanderer

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