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Dippikill Hike ~ Mar 9, 2016

Journal entry by Wanderer

Mother Nature dealt us some weird weather this winter season, receiving rain instead of snow – the winter that wasn’t!  This was the case with the originally scheduled snowshoe to Chase Lake – rain and warm weather increased the risk for a slushy hike so the decision was to replace it with a hike of Dippikill Mt.  However, rain was predicted for Thursday so the day had to be changed as well – thank goodness we are flexible!  Linda and I scouted the trail on Sunday, just three days before the rescheduled date and found it to be quite icy with a couple of really steep sections of sheet ice.  However, with rain and warmer temps during the two days prior to the hike conditions improved significantly and the seventeen hikers made it thru without any problems. 

While the skies weren’t as blue as when Linda and I scouted the route the temperatures were warm, speeding up delayering and many were down to short sleeve shirts and rolled up hiking pants by lunch.  Microspikes were worn by most for nearly the entire hike because the ground was still frozen and in the areas that it wasn’t the leaves cushioned each step – minimizing any wear on them.  The route is a beautiful wood’s walk of mostly second growth trees until you get to the area around the pond where there are some very large pines and hemlock groves.  We stopped briefly at the first overlook at the summit with views east and south before continuing on a few minutes to our lunch spot for today – the overlook that looks more northerly.  This site was a bit windier than the first overlook but we managed to find some sheltered spots to enjoy our long lunch.  After lunch we descended to the pond where we met up with Tom – greeting us in his new bright orange jacket!  He now has two new jackets so there is no excuse for him to wear his signature yellow jacket – we all know which one I am talking about and we are to report back to Mary Anne if we see him wearing it.

Feeling like a rebel today I decided to break from tradition and take the west side trail back to the parking lot.  There are lots of hemlock groves in this section, shading the trail, and the ice lingers longer so anyone who had removed their Microspikes put them back on to be on the safe side.  It turned out to be a wonderful walk despite not passing by the lean-to or going over the truss bridge at the far end of the pond that so many of are familiar with.  All too soon we were back at the parking lot for an early day.  Some stopped by and inspected the progress of the new lodge being built – lots of progress but still lots more to do.  We have been following its construction since they first harvested the logs – back in 2012!

Hope everyone enjoyed the hike, Peter

Peter 3/10/16 - Margie Litwin added 4 photos. 3/15/16 - Kurt Wisell added 3 photos. 3/24/16 - Wanderer . added 15 photos.

32 photos

A record breaking day for temperatures!

Taking a break to shed layers.

Gail, Bob, Denis

Ed will tell you.

Dippikill Pond from the west side trail

The new lodge under construction.

Our consummate leader, Peter.

Wood burning heating system for the lodge.

Watch out Tom!

Ed - I think he is going to apply for a job.

Peter and Linda P negotiate over remaining ice on the trail. - added by Margie

A few of the relaxed lunch bunch. - added by Margie

A wonderful surprise to meet up with Tom at the pond. - added by Margie

The well-dressed winter outing leader, Peter! - added by Margie

Jim R. contemplates how to stay awake after lunch on this warm spring day. - added by Kurt

Peter figures out exactly how to stay awake after lunch on a warm spring day.....Pop Tart sugar BUZZZZZZZ!!! - added by Kurt

Thinking of you, Ray! Hope you're not this green! - added by Kurt

Parking lot prep - added by Wanderer

Always a beginning - the trailhead - added by Wanderer

Balanced rock - added by Wanderer

Negotiating a steep section - Bob in the lead - added by Wanderer

Decisions, decisions, decisions! - added by Wanderer

Time to regroup - added by Wanderer

Nearly all of us - added by Wanderer

Fran showing the rest how its done - added by Wanderer

Hudson River from the overlook - added by Wanderer

Lunch at the top - added by Wanderer

Hiking the west side trail around the pond - added by Wanderer

Testing the camera's zoom - the truss bridge across the pond - note the beaver lodge to the right - added by Wanderer

Trailside wetland - added by Wanderer

Frozen bay - added by Wanderer

Now that's a woodshed! - added by Wanderer

Attendees: Don, Ray H, Bob A, Kurt, Carolyn, Lori, Linda P, Margie, Fran, Ed, Gail, Cathy C, Jim R, Joy, Denis, Peter and Tom (for 1/2 the hike)

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