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Ben Wood mountain ~ Feb 11, 2017

Journal entry by Donna Wood

Saturday is not a usual Crooked Cane day, but due to weather we had canceled the Thursday snowshoe. We were delighted to have 19 caners on this snowshoe to Ben Wood mountain. This was the 7th year of this event and probably we had the best conditions for snowshoeing.  We had two inches of powdery snow the night before and the snow on all the trees presented us with a beautiful sight. Lots of fun walking through the quiet woods and breaking trail. We arrived on the top for lunch where we enjoyed views of Hickory Hill ski area, Crane mountain, Deadwood mountain and overlooked Deadwood pond and Pack Forest Lake.  We had a special treat when four snowmobiles arrived. This is a popular snowmobile trail starting in Pack Forest. We divided into two groups for our return. Nine of us decided to return the same way that we had come from. With the trail now packed down, it was an easy trip.  We were happy to have Jack (the Reber's grandson) with us. He even entertained us with some Michael Jackson music to put some liveliness in our steps. Pete and the other nine returned via the loop along Tripp mountain.  They worked their way to the brook and up along the brook to the property marker which separates four different properties. The forest has been cut quite hard and there is much open woodland now. After crossing the bridge over the brook, they reached the view point where we usually can see parts of Crane mountain, Deadwood mountain and looking North - Gore.  We were unable to see Kurt working on Gore due to heavy cloud cover. He later reported that Gore had freezing rain that afternoon.  Off the mountain and returning to the house after 6 miles RT., everyone was greeted with hot cider,hot cocoa, and a variety of delicious treats provided by the participants. We always enjoy this time to socialize with our friends. Many thanks to Peter and Linda, 2 more Linda's, Jack, Lenore, and Jack, Diane, Leon and Karen, Jim R., Don, Gail, Sam, Mary, Margie, Ed, Donna and Pete.


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Group ready to start their adventure

Jack decided to take a little rest and make a snow angel.

Lunch time on the top. We were so happy to have Sam back with us. He and Jim seem to be having a nice chat.

Jack, Lenore and Jack with Linda in the background.

View from the top.

One of the nice snowmobiles that arrived, but they wouldn't give us a ride.

A much deserved treat at the end of our day.

More conversation and eating.

All together but stretched out - added by Wanderer

Break time - added by Wanderer

Emerging from the woods - Gail, Sam, Leon, Mary - added by Wanderer

Peter back in the lead - added by Wanderer

Most of our group at lunch - added by Wanderer

Another view from the top with Hickory Mountain Ski in the distance - added by Wanderer

I think the snowmobilers have the right-of-way - added by Wanderer

Peter's bridge is still holding up - added by Wanderer

The Tripp Mountain group - added by Wanderer

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