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Brookhaven Golf Course Ski/Snowshoe ~ Feb 9, 2018

Journal entry by Fran Herve

Eleven skiers and one snowshoer arrived at the parking lot of Brookhaven Golf Course in Porter Corners in Greenfield on Friday.

An approximate 12 inches of snow fell in this part of Saratoga County on Wednesday so I knew our best chance of enjoying skiing or snowshoeing would be to head for groomed trails. By moving our outing to Friday we could be sure that volunteer groomer Steve Schriber would have the 10 miles of trails in perfect condition for us.

Skiers would be tempted to think that skiing on a golf course is flat and boring but that is not the case at Brookhaven Golf Course.
Following Tom, we first explored the northern section with about half of the trails routed on the fairways and the rest through woods of mixed hardwoods and evergreens. We glided on beautiful fluffy snow, skied up and down gentle hills crisscrossed by deer tracks while admiring the snow capped trees. Then we crossed the road and continued on the southern part of the golf course. By then the snow was falling softly with no wind.

This year we did not have access to the restaurant so we returned to our cars for lunch. Satisfied with enough exercise half the group decided to return home. The rest of us could not resist going back for more fun especially since we knew these conditions were only going to last one day.

As I look out the window two days later, driveways and trees are all ice coated and thinking back about our outing at Brookhaven I smile and say "it was a perfect day".

Thank you Tom for leading us, Steve for doing a great grooming job and the town of Greenfield for offering free skiing on this beautiful piece of land.

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Don, Tom, Fran,Claudia, Margie, Katie, Liz and Lynn. Kirk & Claire were expected later in the morning. Hint: The pictures will look a bit dark on a phone size screen. The bigger the screen, the better they look.- added by Ray

A work of art handmade by former course Superintendent, Chris Baker. - added by Ray

Fran & Tom in the lead. - added by Ray

Cattails and green pine needles, can Spring really be that far behind? - added by Ray

Oh Darn there's only 7 now. I think we lost one on that last hill. - added by Ray

Winter scenes like this were made for B&W. - added by Ray

Isn't Global Warming wonderful? I poked my head under the bridge and there sat a Bumblebee Dart Frog (Dendrobates leucomelis) in the middle of a tiny hot spring, staring me right in the face. I told you Spring was just around the corner ;) . - added by Ray

The view to the right from the bridge wasn’t quite as heartwarming as the previous tropical scene, but I think you’ll agree, winter has a special beauty all of its own. - added by Ray

We welcomed Ray back to the group today and he obliged by wading into the deep powder to take our photo. - added by Margie

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