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Hackensack Mt. Full-Moon Hike ~ Jan 8, 2012

Journal entry by Wanderer

Hi everyone,

I assume that sometime yesterday evening you looked outside to make sure you had turned off all your lights but quickly realized that it was the moon. Well, from the top of Hackensack Mountain in Warrensburg it looked like a huge flashlight illuminating the valley and surrounding mountains. Not having any takers for the full-moon hike it was just Linda and me. We departed the McDonald’s on schedule for the 5 minute drive and were on the trail by 5:30. There were still some remnants of light but after five minutes we had to use our headlamps and as a precaution Linda put on her Microspikes. Without snow and with the periodic warm weather, all the runoff had frozen and there were lots of patches of ice to watch out for and many of the rocks had a thin coating, often covered with leaves to hide the ice. We took our time and 45 minutes later were standing at the overlook at the southeastern most edge of the mountain where the American Flag is located. The moon was high and bright and the Village looked like a postcard with all the lights on, contrasted with the dark background. The outline of the mountains to the west and north were clearly visible, highlighted by the moon. The temperature was mild, so mild that Linda was able to take her gloves off during the nearly half an hour that we spent on top – much of it waiting for enough wind to unravel the flag for me to take a picture of it. I tried several times but the pictures weren’t the clearest. Although we usually take advantage of snow to reflect the moonlight for a return trip there was none to be found so had to use our headlamps all the way down. We were thinking of you – another nice adventure in the books!


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View of Village at Sunset 1/6/2012 (for perspective)

You Never Know Who You Find on Full-Moon Hikes - Linda; Hey - what's up with the moon? - it sure was bigger last night!

Flag on Top (best I could do)

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