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Brookhaven Golf Course Ski/Snowshoe ~ Feb 26, 2015

Journal entry by Lenore Reber for Tom Gibbs

Twenty Canes began our adventure inside the Haven Tee Room restaurant, meeting our luncheon host, Van, and admiring the cheerful dining room. Then fourteen of us followed Tom, skiing up and down gentle hills on well groomed trails crisscrossed by deer trails. The green pines, birch trunks, and tawny beech leaves made for an extra lovely excursion. After crossing the road we made our way up through more woods, past high stone walls and down to a bit of excitement-a curved, short, steep down and up that challenged those of us who aren't super skiers. Diane made it down and up with grace, the rest of us any way we could, with Tom's encouraging "herringbone, herringbone" pulling us up. Arriving back at the restaurant, we were all delighted that Ray would be joining us for a delicious lunch of chili or broccoli cheddar soup. I didn't miss my typical almond butter and jam sandwich eaten on a snowy log at all. We also met Steve, the volunteer trail groomer and applauded him for the fantastic trail system and grooming. We highly recommend visiting Brookhaven for skiing, snowshoeing and dining. Find out more by calling 893-2809 or Most adventurers stayed for afternoon time enjoying the trails in the increasing sunshine. Snowshoe Report I have snowshoed in many places but never on a golf course and certainly not on groomed snowshoe trails - what a treat. After watching the skiers go their separate way the five snowshoers decided to start the day by exploring the north side of Brookhaven Park, first crossing two of the fairways and then entering the woods that surround the golf course. We had a newcomer along, Kathy Hodges, who had never been on snowshoes so this was a perfect first time experience for her. The trail snaked its way thru the mixed hardwood and pine forest and not too steep, with lots of evidence that the deer were taking advantage of its hard-packed surface to allow them to go from one feeding area to another. Making a large loop, we crossed another fairway, a town road and then made a loop on the southern section of the park before returning to the Tee Room restaurant for lunch. There are advantages in arriving at a designated lunch spot early - it allowed us to select the tables closest to the fireplace before the skiers arrived. As Lenore mentioned earlier, lunch was terrific and being able to thaw out before the afternoon events certainly didn't hurt. I hope that the Canes do not expect his kind of treatment on all future outings! Kathy didn't want to overdue her first experience on snowshoes and elected to sit in front of the fireplace and do some reading until we returned from our afternoon exploration. Ray had arrived for lunch and decided to replace her on the snowshoe team - also the first time he had ever snowshoed on a groomed snowshoe trail. We returned to the southern part of the park which was mostly in the woods except for the beginning and end of the trail which was on a small portion of the golf course. The curvy trail was well designed and took us thru some really pretty woods and eventually back to the parking lot. It will certainly be a place to return to - another day of fond memories. Peter 2/28/15 - Wanderer . added 13 photos.

13 photos

Prep time - added by Wanderer

Skiers in formation! - added by Wanderer

The treacherous crevasse field that only the snowshoers had to deal with - added by Wanderer

I told you that Linda would lead - added by Wanderer

The snowshoers were able to catch up with the skiers - unaware that we were watching - added by Wanderer

Kathy, Bill, Jan and Linda - now that is a fancy birdhouse! - added by Wanderer

Margie, Fran, Nancy - added by Wanderer

Candi and Rose - Rose cracked up right after this picture was taken but I didn't have the heart to put it in - added by Wanderer

Lunchtime fun - added by Wanderer

Groomed snowshoe trail - added by Wanderer

A perfect snow angel - added by Wanderer

Jan making the perfect snow angel - perhaps not an angel after all - added by Wanderer

Jan, Bill, Linda and Ray - added by Wanderer

Attendees: Tom, Don, Nancy, Candi, Peter and Donna, Lenore and Jack, Diane and Kurt, Jan and Jim, Kathy Hodges, Bill, Fran, Margie, Liz, Rose, Ray, Linda and Peter

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