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Rainbow Loop at Moreau State Park ~ Mar 3, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

This is the winter for snowless substitutions. Instead of skiing Santanoni, we microspiked many different trails at Moreau State Park. Parking at the Sherman Island Parking area, we spied three mergansers across the river, looking like small icebergs. Eleven Canes put on microspikes and headed up the orange Cottage Park Trail. It was a path of ice, bordered by iced leaves, but the sun shone, the air was crisp, and friends chatted. We soon turned left on the white connector trail, heading gradually up to the yellow Western Ridge Trail and then to the parking lot at the beginning of the green Baker Trail. Here we said good-bye to Denis, who had another commitment. We continued for a short time on the yellow trail and then turned right onto an unmarked bike trail which zigzags up the mountainside past many lovely rock formations. We joined the green trail and continued upward along the side of the mountain, passing icy cliffs, partly frozen cataracts, and swiftly flowing stream. After turning left on the red RR trail, we soon came to the blue trail and overlook of Moreau Lake and valley, with great views of the mountains, including snow on Willard, to the east. Lunch was over too quickly, but a small breeze began cooling us down. We continued southwest on the red trail, soon waving good-bye to Don, who was taking one of his famous bushwhack trails back to his car at the office parking lot. This section of the red trail is particularly interesting, with a large hemlock grove, many frozen pools shining white through the woods, gurgling, icy streams, and humps of bedrock. Nine of us now descended the north side of the mountain on the orange trail, looking down into narrow valleys, until we rejoined our original track. Can you guess why we call it the Rainbow Loop? Thank you to Rich, Linda, Katy, Ed, Liz, Don, Denis, Kurt and Diane for joining us on the perfect day, hiking six miles and up 1339 feet.

12 photos

Spiked up and ready to go.

Icy crossing

Chatty group, sunny day

Tricky footing, heads down

Eyes of spring, jaws of winter?

"Cairn" to continue?

Rings of ice

Lunch with a view

Rich looking for bear........or mouse.

We and our shadows

Descended and despiked

Final surprise-a river beaver lodge

Viewing 11 of 79 - 2016


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