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Lake Bonita – Lake Ann – Spier Falls Road through Hike ~ Feb 2, 2017

Journal entry by Gail

After first dropping off a few cars at the Spring trailhead 21 Canes hiked the Lake Bonita to Lake Ann trail.  Pleasant trail conditions and a brisk temperature made for a delightful passage thru mature pine forests.  Upon reaching the Lake Ann lean-to, we were met by Peter Sherpa, who had a nice fire waiting for us, accompanied by his sidekick Wally, his Groundhog hand puppet – after all it was Groundhog Day.  Mr. Sherpa had hauled in all the wood and equipment for our hot dog roast, using his strong back and mighty muscles to do the task single-handedly.  It was an impressive site.

We spent an hour or so at the fire, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, and trying to keep warm.  Sir Tom surprised us with his arrival, just in time for lunch. Mr. Sherpa had brought a few veggie, a.k.a. "healthy" dogs, and Joanne and Cathy put in their orders.  An amazing battle ensued as Joanne bit into her mighty dog with a ferocity and aggressiveness that astonished us all!  Perhaps had Peter Sherpa read the cooking instructions he would have removed the plastic casing before grilling.  A picture is worth a thousand words....see photo.........

After lunch, we continued on the trail towards the Spring trailhead and our parked cars, with a short detour on the yellow trail to see the view of the Hudson.  Margie, Mary & Ray decided  they had eaten far too many luncheon goodies so they bid adieu to the group as they approached Spier Falls Rd. , and made the nearly 2 mi. trek back “up” to their cars, via the new Waterfall Trail, using foot power rather than horsepower.

Tom suggested a Stewarts stop at exit 16, and all who arrived were treated to a cup of coffee "on the house", by Tom. Thanks Tom!

Thanks to everyone for making this a fun day.


2/3/17 - Joy Munro added 7 photos. 2/4/17 - RayB Bouchard added 7 photos.

2/4/17 - Margie Litwin added 2 photos. 2/10/17 - Diane Wisell added 3 photos. 2/10/17 - Diane Wisell added 1 photo. 2/26/17 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

29 photos

On the way to Lake Ann - added by Joy

Frozen falls near a frozen vernal pool - added by Joy

Our Sherpa awaits - added by Joy

Wally says, "and I'm not even moving my lips" - added by Joy

Just waiting for the Disney characters to come frolicking into the picture... - added by Joy

OK, so there were more than 7 little elves... - added by Joy

Mark's hoping Tom wasn't lying about it all being downhill on the way out... - added by Joy

Gail takes a break from her duties as trip leader, and toasts a marshmallow. - added by RayB

Toasting marshmallows soon proved to be a popular thing to do while waiting for the wood to burn down to coals so the hot dogs could be cooked. I believe the 1933 tune, " Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", written by Jerome Kern, would have been appropriate background music for this event. - added by RayB

Tom, a late, but welcome arrival. - added by RayB

Bob enjoys his hot dog, while Dale supervises Peter's cooking technique. - added by RayB

We made a brief side trip to the Hudson River overlook before making the final 1 mile trek back to the cars on Spier Falls Rd. - added by RayB

Mary & Margie were kind enough to join me on my trek back to the Lake Bonita parking area. - added by RayB

A scene along the Waterfall trail. - added by RayB

Peter and Gail- Dogs and Mallows for all deep in the woods! Big thanks for a very special outing! - added by Margie

Nature's ice sculpting attracted Ray's photographic attention. - added by Margie

"Our Gang," ready to head into the woolly wilds of Moreau State Park. - added by Diane

Joanne's "Happy Face" upon (trying to) bite into a "healthy hot dog" artfully prepared by Chef Peter Sherpa. Had she thought about how Peter enjoys his shrimp, she'd have entertained the notion of removing the shrimp-like (more accurately, PVC pipe-like) shell from it first. A little fiber in one's diet is a good thing though, even if it's shredded PVC instead of shredded wheat. - added by Diane

If this thing didn't have legs on it, you'd never know it was Peter Sherpa. What's he got a bicycle tire pump tied to the pile for? Oh, I remember now - Linda brought it along but Peter un-remembered her admonition that healthy hot dogs need to be blown out of their protective shells before cooking. - added by Diane

Refugees flee from the healthy hot dogs. - added by Diane

View of Lake Bonita - added by Wanderer

Along the trail - added by Wanderer

You first need a nice fire to make the coals for grilling - added by Wanderer

We don't want to forget poor little Lake Ann - added by Wanderer

Lunch is being served - added by Wanderer

Seating for seven please - added by Wanderer

Self-cooking dogs - added by Wanderer

Big Bend of the Hudson - added by Wanderer

Almost to Spier Falls Rd. - added by Wanderer

Attendees:  Diane & Kurt, Barbara & Rich, Margie, Don, Tom, Cathy C, Joanne, Bob Armao, Dale, Susan, Mary Knutson, Ray, Liz, Linda & her Sherpa, Joy & Mark, Linda P, Denis, Jo-Ellen, Gail

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