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Black Mountain Shore Hike ~ Feb 1, 2018

Journal entry by Tim Ward

      What makes a memorable hike?

      First has to be an agreeable, curious group of participants. Next is the setting including weather, topography, visual richness, and water resources.  Now let's throw in a quite attractive, seductive maybe melancholy built area and possibly with all things meshing a delightful few hours can be experienced.

     On Feb 1, 2018, 16 of us walked several miles along the eastern shore of Lake George on over 12" of clear ice south of Hulett's Landing.  We met no other people. After bucking a cold southwest wind on the ice for 2 miles, we hiked about 1 1/2 miles through an undisturbed, tractless majestic open forest next to a mountain wall with its cascading streams, multi-colored ice falls and mossy-ferny boulders.  We found an eight point buck skull.  Lunch found us gathered around a rock quite covered with so many enigmatic iron rouge petroglyphs including a wolf print, turtles, centipede, maybe bear and a raven. Wild cat and coyote scat were found close by and the buck skull was left in tribute.

     After lunch we returned slowly with thankfully a back wind and whooping ice,  leaving this more than mysterious, wonderful area hopefully to return.

2/5/18 - Barbara Zuccaro added 9 photos. 2/9/18 - Scott Anderson added 5 photos.

2/21/18 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

30 photos

View down the lake as we began our walk! - added by Barbara

Deer Skull and Antlers found in the snow. - added by Barbara

Rock Painting - added by Barbara

View of large rock with paintings on various sections. - added by Barbara

Our group after lunch gathering on the ice for the return walk! - added by Barbara

View to the North as we head back to the cars. - added by Barbara

The Falls along the lake. For perspective, can you see Diane standing near the falls in the lower left? - added by Barbara

Close up view of the multi-color Falls! We could see and hear the water dripping behind the ice. - added by Barbara

Interesting pattern looking like a tornado frozen in the ice. - added by Barbara

This was such a unique hike! Thanks Tim! - added by Scott

Really great ice! - added by Scott

Photo added by Scott

Photo added by Scott

Little Niagara - added by Scott

Raring to go! - added by Wanderer

Tim explaining a little about the plans for our trek - Diane looks a little surprised - added by Wanderer

Delicate ice cascade along the shore - added by Wanderer

Gathering for the bushwhack portion of the hike - added by Wanderer

Tim thought of everything, including a Red Cross helicopter to follow us on the lake and provide for our safety - what a guy! - added by Wanderer

Ice on a brook along the bushwhack - added by Wanderer

Ice wasn't only on the lake shore - this is a cascade on our bushwhack - added by Wanderer

Just where is Tim taking us? ..... - added by Wanderer

..... he never said that there would be any "up" involved ..... - added by Wanderer

..... finally - we reach our destination - Wabanakee Rock! - added by Wanderer

One of the images - added by Wanderer

Another image - does anyone know what these images represent? - added by Wanderer

Taking a different route back - added by Wanderer

"Safely" back on the ice - added by Wanderer

I believe this is a view of Elephant Mountain from the ice, north of Black Mt.???? - added by Wanderer

"Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" --- circa 1967 - added by Wanderer


Mary and Tim, Sandy, Diane, Linda P, Lynn, Barbara and Rich, Mary and Jeff, Peter, Nancy C, Lenore and Jack, Scott, Glenn

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