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Lincoln Forest Hike ~ Jan 5, 2012

Journal entry by Don McMahon

Lazy me! I thought I could skip a write up and nobody would notice! So now I have a guilt complex!

The Lincoln Forest hike conditions turned out optimally. That is - no snow to make walking difficult, but cold enough for ice to walk in the swamp to communicate more thoroughly with the Tupelo trees. So after only a 30 minute walk on bare ground along logging roads we were (carefully) walking on the swamp ice to capture images of the Tupelo trees up close and hugging each of at least a dozen Tupelo trees. Some say they look pretty. My thought is pretty awful - i.e. a telephone pole 50 to 100 ft high with some deformed branches at the top. They are supposed to have excellent fall colors - but unfortunately I've never been there in the fall to find out. After the Tupelo trees we took a small detour to visit a maple tree that had split into two parts near the ground only to have both branches grow together again about 10 feet higher to form a single trunk and a normal tree higher up. Again, lots of pictures and lots of conjectures of how a tree could split in two and grow together again. In any case a unique tree! We then walked north east to a second swamp and then bushwhacked north along its western edge passing over a small brook that connected the "Tupelo" swamp with this swamp. Interestingly we have never seen any Tupelo trees anywhere except the in that one swamp all within a circle of about 500 ft. After crossing the brook we found several fallen logs to sit on at exactly 12 noon - enough log lengths to easily handle the 22 people on the walk. After lunch we continued the bushwhack a half mile north to the extension of Cohen road (a jeep road that appears as a real road on Google Map!) and then along Cohen road to where several cars had been spotted. After the bushwhack I was complimented on my Indian-like ability to track unerringly through the wilderness, where upon I pointed out that every time I periodically waited for stragglers I had checked my GPS for direction - more necessary because of the lack of sun. Although it was early, the light falling snow and the complicated shuttle with so many people forced an end to the day's event. But another successful hike through local but pretty woods.

1/13/12 - Ken Gericke added 4 photos.

1/13/12 - Peter J Fedorick added 7 photos.

1/13/12 - Ken Gericke added 3 photos.

10 photos

Tupelo Tree - by Peter J

Meandering Amongst the Tupelos - by Peter J

Just Another Tupelo - by Peter J

Paul- showing perspective on the width of a Tupelo. Keep in mind that most are well over 500 years old! - by Peter J

Paul - showing perspective on how hollow many of the Tupelos are, yet are still alive and growing older. - by Peter J

Irv and his daughter Virginia - by Peter J

Most of the Group - by Peter J

Tree Huggers...Donna and Dana Wescott - by Ken

One of several natural wildlife sanctuaries found in the tupelo trees. - by Ken

Don McMahon, Tom Gibbs and an old Tupelo tree.... sorry guys...the Tupelo has you by a few centuries! - by Ken

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