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Sleeping Beauty ~ Oct 28, 2011

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber for Tom Gibbs

The destination for our delayed Crooked Canes event was Lake George's Sleeping Beauty Mountain, but an overnight snowfall turned it into Snow White. Led by a prince, seven non-dwarfs and a princess hi-hoed up a storybook trail from Dacy Clearing to the overlook under crisp, blue skies. Some of us wore microspikes for safe footing on the trail. This proved to be a nuisance because they balled up with snow and leaves. We cleared the spikes frequently and paraded on through the snow-laden trees. Once at the top, the lake, autumn leaves, snow, and rocks enchanted us. We basked in the sun for lunch, using the outcrop for a wind break. Eight other hikers enjoyed the overlook with us. One couple built a snowman and scared us with firecrackers. The trail down to Bumps Pond had about six inches of snow on it and we stopped often to gaze at the forest, sunlight and blue sky shining through drifting snow. After admiring Bumps Pond, we looked up at the rock cliffs as we continued our descent to the parking lot. Tom's car went directly back to WCMC, while the Rebers car stopped at Stewart's for ice cream, of course! Fran, Diane, Claire, Joanne, Ken, Don, Lenore and Jack were very happy that Tom decided to lead this hike on Friday. Lenore and Jack for Tom Gibbs 10/31/11 - Ken Gericke added 3 photos.

8 photos

Up the snow-covered trail

Ken turns over an old leaf.

At the top

Where shall we eat?

Diane's Group Photo

Thanks Tom....a great day! - by Ken

Clear and Cool....Lake George and beyond. - by Ken

AHH! Lenore breathing it all in. - by Ken

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