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Moreau search for Don's Descent ~ Nov 20, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Five feisty friends found a fine fall day for following trails. We took the Red Oak Ridge trail from the office parking lot to the power line 'trail', back to ROR, and then steeply up the blue trail. This section was particularly delightful for the Woods. Peter saw a deer and may come back hunting, and this was Donna's first time up the Moreau Overlook trail to see the great view of the lake and distant, hazy Vermont mountains. The other Peter kept us entertained or informed on a wide variety of subjects. We enjoyed the view while eating muffins and lunch and then briefly headed south on the red trail, trying to locate Don's turnoff that leads more easily down the mountain than the blue trail. We may have started correctly, but soon were bushwhacking through open woods, slipping on oak leaves, picking our way over rock slides, enjoying almost every step of the way, but wishing Don was with us. By consulting Ray's GPS, location of sun and lake, and our intuition, we came upon gathering streams, the white trail loop off the ROR, and then to the warming cabin and new solar powered out house. We finished our delightful trip by walking along the mirror still lake and planning another Moreau exploration.

11/21/12 - Wanderer . added 10 photos.

10 photos

Mother Nature's Weapon - by Wanderer

Lenore Seems to Have Ray's and Peter's Attention but Donna Doesn't Know What All the Fuss Is About- by Wanderer

"Just How Does This Work?" - by Wanderer

Lunch At the Overlook - by Wanderer

Hiking on a "Broomed" Trail - by Wanderer

Trailside Slide - by Wanderer

Elephant's Trunk Tree - by Wanderer

White Trail for Sale? - by Wanderer

Perfect Reflection - Go Ahead and Try Flipping It - by Wanderer

Moreau Lake From the Overlook - by Wanderer

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