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Van Dusen Preserve hike ~ Oct 31, 2013

Journal entry by Ken Gericke

Fall is a great time for hiking, bringing the changing colors, crisp sparkling mornings, the autumn rays, lower on the horizon, dancing through the forest foliage. Well.....sometimes! Halloween 2013 brought rain and drizzle, fog and 20 diehard Crooked Caners to the Van Dusen Preserve in Queensbury. It started sprinkling at the trailhead parking area, and rain accompanied our troop the entire day, except for a timely letup at lunchtime. Making the final ascent to our scenic overlook for lunch, up the slippery leaf covered path, we are greeted with a solid bank of fog. Sounds like a gloomy day?! Hardly! Sunny dispositions, positive attitudes, and friendly conversation ruled the day as we marched along pretty forest trails. Amazingly, we all stayed pretty dry, with rain gear, a couple umbrellas, and considerable cover among the oaks and hemlocks. Thanks to all for another memorable adventure...Don, Jim and Jan, Jack and Lenore, Joanne, Fran, Liz, Donna wood, Kathy, Peter and Linda, Tom, Karen, Katie and Ray, Nancy, Maria and Carolyn.


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Auspicious beginning to the day...Peter is prepared.

A short stroll down Buckabee Rd.

Forest trail in the mist.

At the scenic overlook, a solid bank of fog.

Hey!....what's that in the forest?!

Strange and mysterious visitor!

Eeeek! Oh, it's Peter having some Halloween fun. Linda says just ignore him and he'll go away.

Descending a steep switchback, slick footing in the leaves.

Micro-ecosystem along the trail.

The group starting out in light rain, lunch break but being terrified by the Van Dusen monster, and a pleasing arrangement of fall leaves. - added by Ray

No Rain ....... Yet - added by Wanderer

Lenore's Infamous Log - added by Wanderer

Heading for the Overlook - added by Wanderer

Canes in the Mist - added by Wanderer

Lunch In-between the Raindrops - added by Wanderer

Our Lunch Spot View - added by Wanderer

Our Lunch Spot View - Using a Special Fog Piercing Filter - added by Wanderer

Viewing 50 of 57 - 2013


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