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Tenant Creek Falls Hike ~ Dec 1, 2016

Journal entry by Peter And Friends

We're not sure when the last time was that postponing an outing, hunting season, wet squishy snow and two days of rain and a last minute decision on an alternative outing resulted in such a terrific day for the Canes, but this time it worked out great. Postponing Shelly's Berlin Mountain outing to the January / February schedule was not a lightly taken choice but the strong potential for a sloppy slush slog after two days of downpours and the likelihood of no views due to fog and clouds was good incentive to head for a waterfall or three. Fortunately, deer season is still on so the Town of Hope did not plan to close the seasonal road to the Tenant Creek waterfalls until the following week. At the Saratoga Amtrack station meeting spot we were greeted by a warm, sunny morning and the Powell's yard sale of all the things we left at their home after the Berrymill Pond hike. Then it was off we went to Tenant Creek Falls, ready to check out the new trail hoping we'd find the creek running strong and the day still sunny, warm and windless.

We arrived at the trail head welcomed by clouds and drizzle, but the anticipation of what might be ahead was incentive to get going. Some of us thought the new trail, leading from the trail head directly to the first falls, needs some work and that the loss of seeing some of the stream on the way in was a detriment. Others thought it was just fine, providing a nice little climb both on the way in and on the way out.

Though cloudy with an occasional light drizzle here and there, everyone's mood brightened when the first waterfall came in to view. "I've never seen it this good even in the spring!" was a universal iteration accompanied by big smiles and clicking shutters. A little over a mile later at the middle falls, the same sentiments were repeated followed by the same at the upper falls and again at each of the lower falls on our way back to the parking lot where light drizzle resumed.

Spirits not dampened, we headed off in our separate directions with a collection of new memories from a day that sure beat a cancellation!

12/2/16 - Scott Anderson added 2 photos. 12/5/16 - RayB Bouchard added 3 photos.

12/6/16 - Scott Anderson added 1 photo. 12/16/16 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

21 photos

Sandy and Jack listen to the ever present roar.

Peter, Fran and Ray at the lower Falls - added by Scott

Jim takes in the view and roar - added by Scott

Lunch along side the swirling waters of the 2nd of 3 falls along Tenant Creek. - added by RayB

Orange Jelly Fungus (Dacrymyces palmatus) growing on a dead pine, sans bark. This fungus is also known as "Witch's Butter" according to The same web site, claims the name is based on an Easter European Legend: when Witch's Butter appears on the gate, or door of your home, it means that a witch has cast a spell on your home & family. You remove the spell by piercing the jelly fungus with something sharp until it died. Good luck with that. Legend aside, it probably means that the gate/door was made of pine and you failed to paint it for many years so the wood became wet and slimy, a perfect haven for a fungus. - added by RayB

A couple of bright red Partridge berries (Mitchella repens) provide a welcome touch of color to help offset the somewhat drab days of late fall. - added by RayB

Photo added by Scott

Getting ready - added by Wanderer

Mother Nature is amazing - added by Wanderer

On the switchback - added by Wanderer

Even the smallest brooks were overflowing - added by Wanderer

Lower Falls - added by Wanderer

Cascades above Lower Falls - added by Wanderer

Tenant Creek - roaring - added by Wanderer

Waiting for winter to arrive - added by Wanderer

Jan & Jim - added by Wanderer

Cathy, Lynn and Kurt - added by Wanderer

The rest of the crew having lunch at the Middle Falls - added by Wanderer

Upper Falls and cascade - added by Wanderer

Trailside brook - added by Wanderer

Turkey Tail mushrooms (Did I get that right Ray?) - added by Wanderer

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