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Thomas and Cat Mountains Hike ~ Apr 18, 2018

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Our outing to Thomas and Cat Mountain had all the elements of a perfect shoulder season outing: multiple schedule changes, an uncertain weather forecast casting a shadow on whether there would be an outing at all, not far from home, the A-TEAM! and everyone was together (at least for a while), there was something to see that most likely no Crooked Cane had seen before, a route change the trip leader had never seen and finally that there was another cheery, celebratory performance by the Crooked Canes Chorale. Generally overcast, we had a sprinkle lasting just long enough that some donned rain gear and we had sun for about as long as the rain. If you blinked twice, you missed them both.

Though we recently had a combined A-TEAM! / "everyone" outing recently it was a thrilling moment when Sir Thomas called and suggested we all go together again, the A-TEAM! going on the first leg of the outing with the others going on to Cat. Nothing could have been a better plan.

We started at the Valley Woods Road TH (starting point of a through hike to Edgecomb Pond for some) for this hike. Kurt should have told me that the trail I had always taken to Thomas was closed and that the previously "off limits" road (in my mind mythical) I had heard people talk about was now the official path. I found myself, one of the outing leaders, clueless as to where to go. Fortunately, most everyone else knew exactly where to go and off we went. The road route, new for some, old hat to others, was a nice smooth trip on a ribbon of compact snow to the Thomas cabin NOT! site. Though the cabin is gone, it's still a great place to visit and a great place for singing and munching on chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, especially when the song is "Happy Birthday" celebrating Don's 48th!  Leaving the A-TEAM! to enjoy their leisurely L-O-O-O-N-G lunch before departing for the trailhead, eight struck off for Cat Mountain a couple of miles away.

With stomachs growling the eight stopped at an overlook about half way between Thomas and Cat, finding a spot more or less out of the wind with dry places to park and had a grand lunch. Someone spilled the beans to me that their "grand" lunch was an almost silent, solemn affair but I can hardly believe that for a minute and I know they talked about my relatives! They had good views from Cat and a nice walk back to a car at Edgecomb Pond.

As for the A-TEAM!, the day was not over after tracing their steps back to the parking lot. From there it was on to Stewart's in Bolton where the birthday celebration continued with ice cream cones and just a little more fun.

For what could have been a day with no outing at all, it turned out great for seventeen Crooked Canes including Peter, Linda, Ed, Scott, Kurt, Margie, Steve, Claudia, Don, Tom, Licia, Susie, Sharon, Jim R., Jim B., Bonnie and yours truly. Thanks to all for making just another cloudy day one to be remembered.

4/25/18 - Wanderer . added 17 photos.

18 photos

The first wave of Canes arrive at the cabin NOT! site. Fortunately the view didn't burn with the cabin!

View S from Thomas Mtn. with Cat Mtn. (R), Pilot Knob Mtn. (L) and southern basin of Lake George - added by Wanderer

View W at Crane Mtn. - added by Wanderer

Kurt leading the Crooked Canes Chorale in the Happy Birthday song for Don! - added by Wanderer

The dynamic duo – Tom and Don. Don, the Cookie Monster, accepting the leftover cookies for his dessert tonight – cookies always make Don smile! - added by Wanderer

The thru hikers have said goodbye to the A-Team and started their trek to Cat Mtn. - added by Wanderer

The trail looking back! - added by Wanderer

The “new” view of the Thomas Mtn. overlook sans “The Cabin” - added by Wanderer

The “old” view of the Thomas Mtn. overlook with “The Cabin” - added by Wanderer

Some of the thru hikers enjoying lunch at an overlook near Cat Mtn. – Kurt, Margie, Claudia, Linda P - added by Wanderer

View S from Cat Mtn. with Trout Pond closest - added by Wanderer

View SE from Cat Mtn. – Dome Island with Buck Mtn. behind and Pilot Knob Mtn. (R) - added by Wanderer

Linda P, Claudia and Margie taking a break on Cat Mtn. - added by Wanderer

View E from Cat Mtn. – Edgecomb Pond (our destination), Tongue Mtn. Range, Lake George Narrows, and Black Mtn. (C horizon) - added by Wanderer

Gore Mtn. receiving a late spring snowfall - added by Wanderer

The rest of our group – Kurt, Steve, Ed (checking his stocks), and Scott - added by Wanderer

Beaver pond and lodge alongside the trail - added by Wanderer

Looking back at the cliffs on Cat Mtn. - added by Wanderer

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