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Ben Wood Mountain ~ Jan 25, 2018

Journal entry by Donna and Peter Wood

With such changeable weather this year, we were fortunate to have such a lovely day for our outing, in which 24 members participated. Although it was cold and windy, the sun was shining making for a beautiful trip into the woods. The snow was hard packed making for easy walking with either snowshoes or microspikes. We have done this trip many times, but always appreciate the beauty of the forest. We enter Pack Forest which is managed by the ESF school of Syracuse University. In the past few years they have done a considerable amount of logging, which created some open spaces that we walked through.  When we reached a road used by snowmobilers we climbed to the top of Ben Wood Mountain. Several people asked if Pete was related to Ben Wood, but he can not claim that distinction.  He did have relatives from Thurman going back many generations. Lunch at the top was time for conversation and appreciating views of the mountains across the way (Hackensack, Crane and Hickory Hill) as well as Pack Forest Lake. After returning via the same route, we enjoyed treats, hot cocoa and hot cider. We all enjoyed some time to socialize with long time members and newcomers as well. We feel so fortunate to be part of the "crooked canes."

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About to begin our adventure.

Enjoying lunch. Most preferred sitting under the trees to avoid the wind.

Wonder what Kurt, Steve, and Peter are planning now.

View from top of Ben Wood mountain

Enjoying some goodies.

Photo by Donna

On our way - added by Wanderer

The A-Team - Peter W (incognito), Linda, Tom and Denis - added by Wanderer

Steve, Glenn and Kurt - added by Wanderer

Donna - our leader - added by Wanderer

Ladies in red - Diane (L) and Susie - added by Wanderer

Nancy C and Ed (the ninja) - added by Wanderer

Pack Forest Lake from the overlook - added by Wanderer

Hickory Hill Ski, Warrensburg - added by Wanderer

Glenn and Don ready to depart - added by Wanderer

It looks like Denis has been here - added by Wanderer

Wetland along the trail formed by beavers - actually it was in the trail! - added by Wanderer

Don and Glenn visiting and enjoying some refreshments and desserts - added by Wanderer

Kurt (trying to look serious) and Mike - added by Wanderer

Denis, Peter and Scott - does anyone have an extra comb that Denis can borrow? - added by Wanderer

Attendees: Lenore and Jack, Diane and Kurt, Linda and Peter, Margie, Gail, Shelly, Susie, Tom, Don, Mike, Denis, Nancy C., Lori, Steve, Scott, Glenn, Linda P.,Katie, Ed, Donna and Peter

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