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Rush Pond Walk ~ Feb 11, 2016

Journal entry by Fran Herve

I have driven by Rush Pond hundreds of times and wondered if this marshy area had a name and how to get to it and until today I did not know where Rush Pond is! Well, thanks to the lack of snow, icy conditions at Pharaoh Lake, cold temperatures and wind further up North it was decided to hike closer to home. Don had been exploring this area by foot and kayak even before the trail system was officially open in 2014 so he was the perfect guide.
We drove to the trailhead off West Mountain Road right by the Westbrook apartments but if it were not for the traffic we could have walked from WCMC. Rush Pond Trail is a 2.2-mile long pathway than runs between West Mountain Road and the Northway, through a pretty mixed wood forest and the heart of the Rush Pond wetlands . This important byway links the Gurney Lane Recreation Area from the north to the many neighborhoods within the Aviation Road corridor as well as the Queensbury School campus and its trail system.
There is more to explore than just the main trail and Don took us through several minor paths until some of us would have had a difficult time finding the way back to our cars. The trails are wide enough to make it a nice location for cross country skiing that is for when we get more snow...... Along the way, we crossed three beautiful hand constructed bridges and explored the natural beauty of the Rush Pond wetlands. The largest bridge, located on the south end of the trail, offers scenic views of the wetlands and some of us started dreaming of spring bird watching and wondering what kind of spring flowers grow in these woods.
Crooked Canes Don, Peter & Linda, Ray, Kurt & Diane, Lenore & Jack, Jane & Jim, Karen & Leon, Margie, Gail, Liz, Joy, Denis, Linda P., Carolyn, new comer Ron and Fran had a very enjoyable day with an easy 5 mile walk along gentle slopes and wetland, cheerful conversation with friends on a sunny winter day. Thank you Don for leading us!

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All happy faces!

On one of the bridges enjoying the wetland

Jim, Kurt, Peter and Jack

Nice trail for visiting - added by Wanderer

Ray, Linda F, Mike, Linda P, Jack - added by Wanderer

Kurt car shopping ..... - added by Wanderer

..... don't forget to check under the hood! - added by Wanderer

He likes it! Sorry Diane but your Subaru will have to be parked in the driveway from now on - added by Wanderer

Stopping for some pictures .... - added by Wanderer

Looking NNE from the bridge - one of the two water sources for Rush Pond - added by Wanderer

Lunch - all we need is a campfire - added by Wanderer

Camouflaged bridge - added by Wanderer

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